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PaintPRO Tip
PaintPRO Tip
PaintPRO Tip

Plastic Bags for Wet Roller Sleeves

As for wet roller sleeves, save the plastic bags that come with a loaf of bread. These plastic bags fit easily over the roller sleeve and prevent air from drying it out. This is better than dunking the roller in paint for overnight storage and it keeps paint from seeping in behind the sleeve. This may take a few minutes at lunchtime or at the end of your day but it will save a lot of frustrations when this tool goes back to work.

3M Hi-Strength 90 spray adhesive

Although fiberglass joint tape generally comes with an adhesive applied to the back it doesn't always stick well to the dusty drywall surfaces it's intended for. Well, here's a solution to that problem and a good way to speed up these drywall repairs.

See photos at right. With a can of 3M Hi-Strength 90 spray adhesive and a cardboard shield quickly spray the surface of your joint. (Note: With the neat little adjustable nozzle, holding the can six to seven inches from the surface provides a spray fan that's approximately two inches wide. A perfect width that compliments the width of your tape.) Next, apply the fiberglass tape to your joints. You will find that the tape is now applied firmly to the surface and it's dry in three to five minutes. With the use of a "hot mud" like the 20 or 45 minute USG Lightweight Setting Type Joint Compound you can essentially have the surface taped, topped, textured and painted in the same day.






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