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Smart Tools for the Off-Season
We're all familiar with the Winter-time blues. Those months when jobs are far and few between. It's a time when people reluctantly turn their attention to interior painting projects. At PaintPRO we recognize the seasonal character of our trade so we recently invested in a few "smart" tools to show you ways to up-sell your interior jobs during the slow-season. We chose tools that are not only compact but also useful to painters throughout the year.

On a particular interior paint job we noticed the master bedroom closet was extremely cluttered and unorganized. While clearing it out to prepare for repainting it was evident that the existing one shelf and closet pole was inadequate for our customer's needs. Noticing the homeowner's frustration and embarrassment with a messy closet we offered a solution.

ToolsDuring lunch break we drew up a few ideas for the homeowner's approval. Showing our customer a sensible solution to making better use of the closet space and how quickly and affordably we could do this work, even before the painting work started, we got an immediate thumbs up. With little more than $100 in material and four hours labor, we had a whole new closet in place.

Having the necessary tools on hand, a little bit of construction work gave us extra work and made our customer happier. In total, we spent $100 on material, we added seven additional man hours to the job and earned an extra $800 on top of our interior painting work from this customer.

Staying busy during the sometimes not-to-busy winter months often only requires good listening skills, a little bit of creative thinking, and wisely investing in tools that can make your business lucrative at anytime of the year.

BaseboardsThe next issue will include a tip for shortening doors when new carpeting is hitting thebottom.

On the same job a flooring contractor was not equipped to replace baseboard that had been removed when new vinyl was installed. Being equipped for these kinds of small jobs, we were able to resolve this problem using the same tools we had on hand for the closet work. Good tools make great painters!






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