Vol 5 No 2

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drywall primer



Sheetrock Brand Primer-Surfacer (Tuff-Hide)

Sheetrock Brand Primer-Surfacer (Tuff-Hide) is a new high-build spray from United States Gypsum Co. that provides exceptionally smooth, high-quality, finished gypsum panels and ceilings. In just a single application, the high solids, latex-based product generates the same results produced by using a typical two-step process of skim coating the entire drywall surface with joint compound followed by the application of a coat of drywall primer. By hiding minor surface defects and minimizing decorating problems such as joint banding and photographing, Tuff-Hide ensures a more beautiful paint finish over drywall than can be achieved by simply using a drywall primer. The spray-applied product is ideal for use in critical light areas, or in lieu of the skim coat and priming steps required to achieve a Level 5 Gypsum Board Finish. It dries to the touch in 60-90 minutes under normal drying conditions.
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