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PaintPRO Archives — Product Profiles

Red Devil Create-A-Color Caulk Mixing System

The Red Devil Create-A-Color Caulk Mixing System is a simple and easy way for anyone to create custom-colored caulk in minutes. This patent-pending system allows on-the-job coloring of a single tube of caulk using ordinary latex paint. A must-have system for painters, decorators, contractors, tile installers, masons, plumbers and wallpaper hangers, the Create-A-Color Caulk Mixing System allows you to match your caulk with fixtures, countertops, tile, walls, and wallpaper as well as with exterior surfaces such as siding, wood and shutters.

"Colors for kitchens, baths and home exteriors are unlimited today, and professionals require caulks that blend in and complement these colors, rather than starkly contrast with them," says Kate Sollecito, director of marketing services for Red Devil Inc.

Create-A-Color Caulk mixes by hand „ using a Create-A-Color Caulk Mixer „ and takes about two minutes of mixing. The system is designed for use exclusively with the specially formulated Create-A-Color caulk as the base and ordinary latex paint. The easy-to-use mixer lets you create the matching color quickly and easily. The clamshell caulk mixer packaging includes a syringe for extracting the paint and a complete step-by-step instruction guide. Create-A-Color Caulk is sold in individual cartridges, and the latex paint must be purchased separately. In addition to providing great custom colors, Red Devil uses the highest quality, specially formulated caulk for its Create-A-Color Caulk base. It ensures a long lasting, watertight and mildew-resistant seal.

Red Devil also offers a convenient, space-saving merchandiser rack to showcase the Create-A-Color caulk coloring system. It holds four standard mixers; two pro mixers; and 24 cartridges of Create-A-Color Caulk, all of which can be hooked into a peg-board display.

The Create-A-Color Caulk Mixing System will allow you to closely match the trendy, designer colors of todayÍs interiors and exteriors with a caulk color that blends right in.


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