PaintPRO, Vol. 7, No. 1
January/February 2005
PaintPRO Vol 7 No 1

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PaintPRO Archives — Painting Tip

Paint Tips - Powder Door


Powdering Exterior Doors
to Prevent Sticking

Powder your doors
Acrylic latex paint is notorious for “blocking” or sticking to almost any surface it is in contact with while it cures. This can be a real problem for exterior doors with weather stripping; after all, most of us are not so secure that we would leave our front doors open for three or four days and nights. I have tried various solutions throughout my 20 years in the painting trade. Here is the one that proved the best.

After the door has completely dried, tap some talcum powder into a cup, pick it up with a makeup brush, and then lightly dust it onto the weather stripping. This will also work for shelves or mantels that need to be put back into use quickly.

— Thanks for this tip go to Roger Woodward, whose company, R. Woodward & Co. has been serving the local area in New Bern, North Carolina, for the past 20 years. The company specializes in occupied residential custom interiors. For more information, visit the Woodward & Co. Web site or e-mail to


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