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march/April 2003
Vol. 5 No. 2
Issue No. 17

Vol 5 No 2





Cover: Photo courtesys of De Farver, Colour Magazine, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Film Thickness: Is it Too Thick, Too Thin or Just Right?
Learn how to gauge coatings for improved consistency, quality and longevity.
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Why Use Quality Paint?
Because you'll get application, better coverage and more satisfied customers.
by Christianna McCausland

Seams and Adhesives
Product knowledge and proper technique are a winning combination.
by Christina M. Camara

Interior Primers: The Right Choice for Today's Painting Challenges
It's how these unsung heroes make your work look great.
by Steve Revnew, Sherwin-Williams Company

PROPrep: Old Paint! new Strippers! they're Better and Safer
If old paint stands in your way, count on new tech. Stripper to offer a solution.
by Joan C. Stanus

DEPARTMENTS Painter of the Month: Certified Coatings of California
On a grander scale Fred Cagle's company of pros keeps the job site highly contained and on schedule even with their feet off the ground.
by Bob Graham

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