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E-Z Strainer
Professional Paint Strainer

The E-Z Strainer, invented by professional painter Bill Scott, makes straining paint as simple as can be. All you have to do is put the strainer on your bucket, put the pick-up tube through the hole behind the strainer, pour in the paint and start painting.

Using the newly patented E-Z Strainer means 90 percent less clogging, less wear and tear on equipment, less mess and less downtime, says Scott, who has owned Allwalls Painting in Phoenix, Ariz., for 15 years. “Your tips hardly clog at all. You can use a smaller tip and use less paint on the job.” And if you add a little water to the top of your paint it almost washes the strainer as you go.

The E-Z Strainer, available in five- and thirty-gallon sizes, has had an enthusiastic reception from contractors of all kinds, including striping companies. So if you like this product, urge your local suppliers to add it to their product line.

“It strains paint all day long as you go,” Scott says, “and makes a painter’s life easier.”
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