Vol 5 No 6

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PaintPRO Archives — Painting Tips

Paint Roller Tray Jig

When I brush and roll or spray and backroll an interior, I use a couple of jigs I developed. Very simply, I put wheels on my paint supply.

For my 18" roller tray it is a flat little “wagon” about 20" x 30" with 4" caster wheels that turn all ways. You want it small and light enough to carry and store and fit through doors, but large enough to carry an 18" roller tray and extra tools. The 3" caster wheels work fine also, but the 4" wheels roll smoothly even over carpet covered with tarps.

What works best are the low, flat trays (not so top-heavy). I secure the tray with bungee cords and push it around like a janitor pushes his mop bucket with his mop. This way I am always able to keep my paint supply in front of me, eliminating wasted motion and steps. When I spray and backroll, I have a clean place for my roller and a small supply of paint in case I need extra paint.

Thanks for this tip go to:
Leo Vasquez, Covenant Construction, Olympia, Wash.


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