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january/february 2003
Vol. 5 No. 1
Issue No. 16





Cover: "Italian Damask" faux painted picture box interiors by Buon Fresco.

PROPrep: Interior Primers: Woodwork, Trim and Crown Moldling. Using the right primer will ensure a good bond between substrate and topcoat.
by Robert Simpson

Lime Wash: Not Just for the "Michelangelo"s of the World
Lime wash brings a unique depth of color that you won't find in latex. Plus: Making it look like lime when ou don't have the time.
by Stacey Enesey Klemenc

Faux and Decorative Finishing Workshops
Keep up with the hottest trends in the industry.
by Bruce Hackett

Clear Wood Finishes
Brush up on the pros and cons of shellacs and lacquers; varnish and polyurethane; and oil- and water-base finishes.
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Estimating for the Contractor, Article #7 of 7: Calculating Overhead. The final installment in our series also tackles the age-old questions: To bid or not to bid? Added bonus: The final exam!
by Len Hijuelos

It's time to care about sales silence
Stop, lool and listen. Tips for more effective sales.
by Ken Lundin


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