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Vol. 5 No. 5
september/october 2003
Issue No. 20

Cover photo of home in Bloomdale, Illinois, by Faux Design Studio.

Glass Textile Wallcoverings
These versatile, paintable wall finishes camouflage defects, add beauty and style.
by Denise Wendt

Searching For Standards
With each company using its own names for gloss levels, it’s hard to compare from brand to brand. Here’s the basics on gloss and sheen.
by Denise Wendt

Stenciling Existing Concrete
If you can spray, you can put down an overlay. Then it’s just a matter of adding the design.
by Stacey Enesey Klemenc

Elastomerics:The Importance of Give-And-Take
Flexible elastomeric coatings are the perfect coating for masonry that is inclined to crack.
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Dealing with Dry Rot
How to get rid of nasty fungi and prepare your surface for painting.
by Gail Elber

Estimating Etc.
Learn why a well-written proposal will keep you out of court.
by Len Hijuelos


School Profile: Faux Design Studio One-on-one instruction and old-world techniques make this painting school a hit in Chicago. And, you can take classes in Polish.
by Rosemary Camozzi

Painter of the Month: Tracy Wickwire, Cloud Cap Painting, Inc. Mt. Hood, Oregon
by John Strieder


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