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Vol. 8 No. 1
January/February 2006
Issue No. 34

PaintPro - Vol 8 No 1




Cover: This floor was troweled with a Bella Vernici gray overlay and colored with Bella Vernici's Parchment, Terra Cotta, Palm Green and Old Rust stains as well as Red Dye. The fireplace was sprayed with a Bella Vernici white overlay, and then subtly colored with diluted Black Dye.Photography: Bella Vernici - Williamson/Kock Bros., St. Louis


Applying Low-VOC Paints
Not everyone agrees on what type of brush is best, but there's consensus about the painting process: Speed is critical!
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Getting Clear on Clears
Manufacturers and contractors weigh in on the use of clear finishes for exterior wood.
by Liz Trauring


Tony Singh, Fine Painting and Decorating
Tony Singh of Fine Painting & Decorating, Painter of the Month

Painter of the Month: Fine Painting & Decorating Co., Mountainside, New Jersey: Over the course of a single year, Fine Painting will finish more than 500 jobs, apply 250,000 gallons of paint and put up 70,000 yards of wall coverings.
by John Strieder

Technology: Sprayable Concrete Toppings
Check out these user-friendly options for reviving old concrete surfaces.
by Amy Johnson

Technique: A Glazed Finish for Cabinetry
by Kelly S. King

Business Strategies: Marketing
How upselling can enrich your bottom line.
by Jeff Mowatt

Estimating Etc.
The pitfalls of floor-space pricing.
by Len Hijuelos

Tooling: Sprayers

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