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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Painters Mate® Masking Tapes

For the professional contractor, DIY consumer and decorative artist, the Painters Mate Green® is made with our exclusive water/rubber based adhesive system allowing it to stay on longer yet remove cleaner up to 8 days in direct sunlight.

Painters Mate Green® is environmentally friendly, no solvents are used in the manufacturing process. It leaves clean, straight lines and will not pull paint off properly prepared surfaces. Leaves no adhesive transfer or paint bleed through. For a superior masking tape at a lower price stick with Painters Mate Green®.

Painters Mate Delicate® specially designed for faux finishes, shadow striping and can be used on freshly cured paint (dry to the touch). Use with caution on wall coverings and new bare drywall. Painters Mate Delicate® offers excellent holding power removing clean from most surfaces up to 30 days in direct sunlight. Leaves clean, sharp lines and will not pull paint off properly prepared surfaces.

Painters Mate® Draping Tape is a two sided tape designed to easily apply and hold poly dropcloths when spray painting, texturing ceilings, masking doors, windows etc. It is manufactured with our exclusive removable Painters Mate® adhesive system.

Painters Mate® Protect-A-Corner prevents wallcoverings from tearing, ripping and scuffing. Stops painted corners from chipping, cracking and peeling. This invisible corner guard is easy to apply fitting all angled corners. This protective clear vinyl will not yellow with age. For information/samples please call Tape Specialties Limited 1-800-463-8273.

Increase your Sales and Profits by Adding Refinishing to your List of Services
Increase your sales and profits by offering your current customers refinishing services of bathtubs, ceramic tile, counter tops, appliances, fiberglass shower enclosures, and kitchen cabinets in addition to your current commercial painting.

Yes, we are the manufacturers and distributors of EP-Acrylic, a high performance acrylic-polymer coating with many of the advantages of polyurethanes, but without the ISOCYANATES. This product has been tested for over ten (10) years by refinishing contractors all across America. We also offer ASTM approved slip resistant surface (SRS) products for the hospitality industry.

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