Product Index for PaintPRO
The index below is a list of products profiled and reviewed from all PaintPRO issues. When available, the All_Access include a link to the manufacturer's Web site. The publication date of the article is listed in parentheses next to the item. Please refer to the manufacturer for any updates on specific products.
Repair, Cleaning & Stripping  

Advanced algacide/fungicide — Anti-Growth from Glessner. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Brush Cleaner & Conditioner, LABR/SAVR (Jan/Feb 2003)

Drywall Repair Clips for repairing drywall from Bear Claw (Jan/Feb 2004)
Drywall repair kits from ProPatch Systems. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Miracle Sand, a biodegradable emulsifier, zero-VOC spray product that allows painters to remove surface flaws on freshly or previously coated wood, metal, masonry/drywall and plastic surface substrates. From Simpson Coatings Group (Sep/Oct 2004)
XIM's E-Z Free Anti-Graffiti Coating is a two-component, specially modified acrylic urethane protective coating and sealer that is formulated so that graffiti can be easily washed off. (Jan/Feb 2004)
Graffiti-barrier coatings and removal products, from Dumond Chemicals. (Jul/Aug 2002)
SC-101 Sacrificial Graffiti Barrier Coating, which repels graffiti before it has a chance to penetrate, from Dumond Chemicals. (Jan/Feb 2003)

Ultra-Strip industrial-strength paint remover from Back to Nature. Product is environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-flammable, and contains no methylene chloride or caustic. (Sep/Oct 2004)
Environmentally safe paint remover designed to remove up to 15 layers of paint and varnish by Multi-Strip. (Jul/Aug 2004)
ViperWiper clean-up cloth designed to remove paint from multiple surfaces without damaging finishes or using solvents, From Hyde Tools. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Ready-Strip Wash, from Back to Nature Products, is a paint remover wash previously known as After-Strip. (Jan/Feb 2006)
Peel Away is designed to remove multiple layers of paint and varnish without damaging the wood. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Peel-Away® 1 is a poultice system that works by controlling evaporation while enabling quick, effective and easy removal of multiple layers of paint. (May/Jun 2002)
Spackling & Joint compound: OnePass from CTS Cement (Nov/Dec 2004)
Fast-setting, professional spackling compound for interior repair of cracks, dents, holes and imperfections in woodwork, plaster, drywall and masonry surfaces. From Wel-Cote (Jul/Aug 2004)
Spray Ranger Long-range spraying system for cleaning. (Jan/Feb 2003)
Spray Gun Cleaner from Back To Nature. Clean-n-Dip cleans metal parts of spray guns. (Sep/Oct 2005)
Stain & Spatter Remover (Mar/Apr2005)
Aqua-Strip advanced biodegradable marine stripper from Back to Nature. (Nov/Dec 2004)
Problem Solver wood stripper for water-based paints and stains from Cabot. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Back to Nature has introduced Ready-Strip Pro, a professional-strength paint remover that offers all the advantages of Ready-Strip and more. (Jul/Aug 2005)
Ready-Strip Deck-Brite is a superior brightener and cleaner for decks and other exterior surfaces (Sep/Oct 2004)

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