Product Index for PaintPRO
The index below is a list of products profiled and reviewed from all PaintPRO issues. When available, the All_Access include a link to the manufacturer's Web site. The publication date of the article is listed in parentheses next to the item. Please refer to the manufacturer for any updates on specific products.
Hand Tools  

Angle Finder makes it easy to read any angle — inside or outside — directly from a scale. (Jan/Feb 2003)
BLADEater, a disposable blade well has a guided corner side slot, allowing users to easily slide in a segmented utility knife blade and snap the blade fast using only one hand. (Jan/Feb 2003)
Loxon Block Surfacer designed for concrete, brick, stucco and other projects involving substrates. (Mar/Apr 2004)
Clamp Arm hands-free attachment for the Silent Paint Remover from Viking Sales, Inc. (Sep/)ct 2005)

The Faux Tool, from the Faux Tool Company (Mar/Apr 2003)
Knockdown knives that work well in tight areas, from Marshalltown. (May/Jun 2003)
Elcometer has released the 550 MK II Uncured Powder Thickness gauge. (Jul/Aug 2005)
Billed as the first and only tubular steel stand-off of its kind, the new Ladder-Max stand-off stabilizer improves access to work areas. (Jan/Feb 2006)

Two-in-one product that makes it easier to measure and score straight lines in sheetrock, wallboard and other materials, from Warner Tools. (Jan/Feb 2003)
Sanding Sponge from 3M (Mar/Apr 2005)
Scrapers feature tungsten carbide blades that are harder and sharper than hardened steel blades, from Warner Tools. (Jan/Feb 2003)
Ergonomic Swedish scrappers from Viking (Mar/Apr 2005)
MaxxGrip Pro scrappers from Hyde (Mar/Apr 2005)
Paint Scraper from Great American Marketing (Jan/Feb 2005)
Utility Scraper that comes with three carbon steel blades, each of which has two different scraping edges, from Warner. (Sep/Oct 2003)
Two Bit Snapper, from Noxon Inc., is a spring-driven, nail-setting, double-ended tool (May/Jun 2005)
Spray Ranger Long-range spraying system for cleaning. (Jan/Feb 2003)
Norton 3X Sponge Kits offer sponges to fit every application. The large sponge kit contains a variety of differently shaped 9" sponges. (Jul/Aug 2004)
Glass blocks for stripping, scraping and sanding wood or metal from QuikSand (May/Jun 2005)

Wire brush called Top Brass, with pliable bristles that help avoid scratching from Wooster Brush Co. (May/Jun 2004)
Warner Tools 3-in-1 tool opens buckets, mixes paints and even scoops drywall mud. (Jul/Aug 2003)

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