Product Index for PaintPRO
The index below is a list of products profiled and reviewed from all PaintPRO issues. When available, the All_Access include a link to the manufacturer's Web site. The publication date of the article is listed in parentheses next to the item. Please refer to the manufacturer for any updates on specific products.
Wood Stains, Sealers & Coatings  

All-Shield cleaner, an All-Shield sealer, and Exterior Wood Care System from Dever (May/June 2005)
Bleaching Oil takes only a few months to give cedar shingles a silvery-gray patina and assures uniform coloration while protecting the wood, from Cabot. (Sep/Oct 2002)
Create-A-Color Caulk Mixing System is a simple and easy way for anyone to create custom-colored caulk in minutes from Red Devil. (Nov/Dec 2003)
Red Devil Create-A-Color Caulk Mixing System is used to create custom-colored caulk in minutes. (Sep/Oct 2003)
Exotic Hardwood Treatment from Wolman (Mar/Apr2005)
Cabothane — a three-coat exterior application that can be applied in a single day. (Mar/Apr 2003)
Exterior wood finish uses innovative hybrid alkyd/acrylic formulation from Sikkens (Sep/Oct 2004)
Pittsburgh Paints’ Sun-Proof exterior wood stains, toners and clears product line (Sep/Oct 2004)
DuraStain, exterior wood stain from Wolmam Wood Care Products. (Sep/Oct 2002)
Flame retardant wood stains from Armstrong-Clark (May/Jun 2004)
Sherwin-Williams High Performance Floor Enamel offers durable protection on concrete and wood surfaces in high-traffic areas and public spaces. (May/Jun 2003)
Synteko Professional Floor Finishes Polyurethane Pro-Series (Sep/Oct 2003)
Synteko Exceptional Floor Finishes a high-solids alkyd floor finish for commercial and residential hardwood floors (Sep/Oct 2004)
Interior stains and varnishes has been reformulated to provide increased open time from Sherwin-Williams. (Jan/Feb 2002)

United Gilsonite Laboratories ZAR Wood Stain. The oil-based wood stain dries in three hours. (May/Jun 2004)
Outdoor wood protector offers warranty from Bond Distributing (Mar/Apr2005)
“Quick-N’-Easy Guide to Ultimate Wood Care.” CD-Rom from Performance Coatings. (Jul/Aug 2003)
E-Barrier radiant barrier coating from Sherwin-Williams (Sep/Oct 2004)
Pro-Series Quad Advanced Formula Sealant from OSI features a new Break-A-Way Seal (Jul/Aug 2003)
Speed Demon®II Silicone Sealant, a multi-purpose sealant from Red Devil. (Mar/Apr 2001)
Armstrong-Clark Shake Shield for wood roofs. (Aug 2001)
Maxum Sheer Naturals and semi-transparent acrylic deck and siding stains are available from Coronado Paint. (Jul/Aug 2002)

Cabot Australian Timber Oil For Hardwood Decks and Outdoor Furniture (Mar/Apr 2001)
Translucent oil product from The Flood Company's FloodPro WoodTones lineup, a Clear Toner Base that can be custom tinted to an impressive palette of colors. (Nov/Dec 2003)
UV-Resistant Clear Wood Finish (Jan/Feb 2005)
Ronan Paint Aquaflx Wood UV Clear, a waterborne interior-exterior non-yellowing clear with UV protection. (Sep/Oct 2003)
Water-based Polyurethane for Floors from Minwax. (Sep/Oct 2003)
Two-component waterborne epoxy technology that is easy to apply from Versatile. (May/Jun 2002)
Okon Weather Pro screens out the damaging rays of the sun while providing long-lasting protection against warping, cupping and splitting of wood. (Jan/Feb 2004)
Okon Wood Cleaner is designed to enhance gray and discolored exterior wood surfaces of siding, outdoor wood furniture, decks and gazebos, fencing and railings. (May/Jun 2003)
Wet or dry weather condition wood stain from Samuel Cabot (Mar/Apr2005)

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