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The index below is a list of products profiled and reviewed from all PaintPRO issues. When available, the All_Access include a link to the manufacturer's Web site. The publication date of the article is listed in parentheses next to the item. Please refer to the manufacturer for any updates on specific products.
Sundries & Miscellaneous  

Pump Protector, EZ Suction Assembly and Can Caddy improves airless paint sprayer pump protection during storage. (Nov/Dec 2003)
EZ Suction Assembly allows a garden hose to attach directly to an airless paint sprayer to quickly and efficiently flush the system of paint. (Nov/Dec 2003)
Articulating clamp arm for Silent Paint Remover from Viking (Mar/Apr2005)
Business Card CD from Evergreen Technology (Jan/Feb 2003)
California Paints Color Studio Design Kit includes the company’s color fan decks, color cards, reference tools and 11" by 13" Color Studio color sheets. (Jul/Aug 2004)
The Can Caddy takes the lugging, bending and spilling out of painting by keeping the paint right by painters' sides. (Nov/Dec 2003)
Stainless Steel and Zinc for Waterborne Coatings Tank from Binks (Nov/Dec 2004)
ComfortGrip Scissors, developed specifically for use on wallcovering, window treatments, upholstery, fabric and craft products Zinsser. (Nov/Dec 2003)
Microfiber cloths for dust and sanding debris removal from Norton Abrasives (Jan/Feb 2005)
Door Deckers "legs" for finishing doors. (Jan/Feb 2003)
DorRAK lets you stack, spin, spray, slide and store up to 18 doors in a 4- by 8-foot area. (Jul 2001)
Wet & Set drywall repair products from Hyde (Nov/Dec 2003)
EZ-Stride Drywall Stilts (May/June 2005)
Lightweight face mask for working with finishing, adhesives, ceramics, corrosion prevention, metal finishing, etc. (Sep/Oct 2005)
Face-shield/respirator combo (Mar/Apr 2003)
EZ Moves II Furniture Slides, made by Simtec Co. (Sep/Oct 2003)

1-Gallon Grid works with all gallon metal paint cans and rollers 41⁄2 inches and smaller from Wooster Brush. (Jan/Feb 2004)
Gloves In A Bottle moisturizing hand protectant cream (Mar/Apr 2004)
Graffiti remover from Dumond Chemicals (Jan/Feb 2005)
Double halogen floodlights from Warner (Jan/Feb 2005)
Warner Tools' Silver Series halogen floodlights that light up work sites from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. (Nov/Dec 2003)
Warner Tools' Model 10041 Hopper Gun for applying wall texture and ceiling acoustic. (Jan/Feb 2004)
CPF-2D insecticide additive for exterior paints that provides long-term insecticide protection from Walla Walla Environmental. (Jul 2001)
The Gorilla Slide from Highway Products Inc. slides a load of equipment out of the back of a work vehicle for easier loading and unloading. It can be installed in pickup trucks, vans, service bodies, motor homes and fifth-wheel trailers. (Jul/Aug 2005)
Microsoft Corp. and Stargate Mobile have teamed with Ford Motor Co. on a mobile office system for Ford's "General Contractor" F-250 Super Duty Truck with GPS. (Jan/Feb 2006)

JobClock tracks employee hours by Exaktime (Mar/Apr 2003)
Supersoft Knee Pads from Hyde Manufacturing (Mar/Apr 2003)
Ladder bumpers from D.A.L.E.S. (May/Jun 2005)
SystemOne’s Contractor Rig™ is a tough industrial quality ladder rack made from 6000 series aluminum. (Jan/Feb 2002)
Disposable latex gloves from Hyde Tools (Jan/Feb 2004)
Light towers from Bull Dog Products (May/June 2005)
GloBug Light Tower from Multiquip (Mar/Apr2005)
Motorized spray bottle eases wallpaper removal, from Campbell Hausfield (Jul/Aug 2003)
BYK-Gardner micro-TRI-gloss, a multi-angle gloss meter (Sep/Oct 2003)
Multiladders from Werner (Jan/Feb 2005)

Paint pail from HANDy (May/June 2005)
Paint pail on a shoulder strap by Artisan Tool (Jan/Feb 2005)
Paint & roller tray from Dutch Boy (Mar/Apr2005)
Handheld pail The Pelican from Wooster (Sep/Oct 2005)
Resealable paint tray from SealPRO (Jan/Feb 2005)
SealPro paint tray has resealable lid allows you to seal in the paint and a roller, keeping them in wet storage for an hour a day or weeks if necessary, from Prazi USA (Mar/Apr 2004)
Close-N-Go™ Covered Paint Tray from Roman Decorating Products, for faux finishers and stencilers, offers an easy way to store leftover paint overnight. (Jan/Feb 2003)
Paint Tray Topper is a paint tray lid available in two sizes to fit most 2- or 4-quart paint trays. (May/Jun 2004)
Painter’s Estimating Program (PEP) that assists painters in the preparation of their proposals by automatically calculating the production rate of an item. (May/Jun 2004)
Pole & Scraper display (Mar/Apr 2003)
Project management software for Version 11 of its Forefront Construction Management Software, from Dexter + Chaney. (Jul/Aug 2003)
Easy Tint & View Corp. one-gallon Easy Tint & View paint can lid patented plastic lid, which allows for adding and viewing tint, is manufactured by Creative Technology Systems Inc. (Jul/Aug 2005)

“Quick-N’-Easy Guide to Ultimate Wood Care.” CD-Rom from Performance Coatings. (Jul/Aug 2003)
North Safety Products has introduced the CFR-1, a particulate respirator that combines a reusable half mask with formed, disposable filters. (May/Jue 2003)
The Rok-Pak, from Rock-Tred Corp. allows multiple-component polymer coatings to be packaged, shipped and mixed in one container. (Nov/Dec 2003)
Premium sandpaper from Norton Abrasives. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Sand tool converts sanding belt into sanding block from DC Tool (Jan/Feb 2005)
Sheetrock Brand Paper Faced Metal Bullnose Outside Corners are designed for use by drywall contractors, painters and do-it-yourselfers. (May/Jun 2003)
Easy-to-install temporary barrier that protects furniture and other items from dust and paint. The Smart-Wall kit, from Mr.LongArm. (May/Jun 2004)
Aluminum Spray Shield protects against overspray from Warner Tools (Jul/Aug 2003)
Spray Ranger Long-range spraying system for cleaning. (Jan/Feb 2003)
Stain & Spatter Remover (Mar/Apr 2005) is designed to help paint contractors calculate hourly costs on a given job, particularly with regard to employee services. (Jul/Aug 2005)

Tool Wheeler, a hand truck that converts to a stable, four-foot-high, 500-pound rated scaffold for working high walls and ceilings. (Sep/Oct 2002)
Slide Systems Rollerbox Professional truck bed toolbox (Mar/Apr 2004)
Universal remote for paint sprayer from Titan Tools (May/Jun 2005) & also Titan Tools Vol 5, No. 4 (Jul/Aug 2003)
Rock Hard Waste Paint Hardener from Rock Miracle (May/June 2005)
Video addresses conflicts with customers (Mar/Apr 2003)
Professional Wallpaper Table (Sep/Oct 2002)
Wireless Web planner from AccuWeather (Mar/Apr2005)
Wireless weather for cell phones from (Mar/Apr2005)
Wobble Light (Jan/Feb 2005)
Wonder Rag, from Trimaco, has super cleaning power and incredible strength. (Jul/Aug 2004)
Viking Sales Inc. has introduced the Collector 1200, a worktable with a metal grid top that allows it to collect paint chips and other waste. (Jul/Aug 2005)

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