Product Index for PaintPRO
The index below is a list of products profiled and reviewed from all PaintPRO issues. When available, the All_Access include a link to the manufacturer's Web site. The publication date of the article is listed in parentheses next to the item. Please refer to the manufacturer for any updates on specific products.
Tape & Masking  

Nashua Stencil Tape, a new decorating tape from Tyco Adhesives (Nov/Dec 2005)
3M Scotch Blue Safe-Release painters' masking tape for faux and decorative painting. (Sep/Oct 2002)
3M Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape Applicator (Sep/Oct 2005)
Multipurpose cloth duct tape excellent for outdoor masking applications (Nov/Dec 2004)
Magnetic hinge covers that make it easy to mask door hinges during the painting process from H.M. Enterprises (Nov/Dec 2003)

Duck brand Turbo Masker masking tape dispenser (Jan/Feb 2005)
Masking tape for painters by 3M (Jan/Feb 2005)
Pro-Mask Green masking tape from Intertape Polymer Group is intended for use on windows, trim and walls. (Jan/Feb 2006)
Intertape Polymer Group Pro-Mask Wallsafe masking tape for delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, drywall and paneling. (Nov/Dec 2005)
Hyde Manufacturing Co. Proshield Professional Spray Shields. These products cover, deflect, mask and protect. (Jan/Feb 2004)
Aluminum Spray Shield protects against overspray from Warner Tools (Jul/Aug 2003)
Flex-mask Stretchy Painting tape with rubber-based adhesive (Jan/Feb 2005)
Flex-mask Stretchy Painting tape with rubber-based adhesive (Jul/Aug 2004)
Supreme Blue tape is designed to stick to paint (Mar/Apr 2005)

Window Mask by Trimex (Jan/Feb 2005)

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