Product Index for PaintPRO
The index below is a list of products profiled and reviewed from all PaintPRO issues. When available, the All_Access include a link to the manufacturer's Web site. The publication date of the article is listed in parentheses next to the item. Please refer to the manufacturer for any updates on specific products.
Power Tools & Machines  

CAPspray AirCoat sprayer (Jul/Aug 2004)
3⁄4 hp airless contractor sprayer from Campbell Hausfeld. (May/Jun 2004)
Airless Contractor Paint Sprayer (PS6521). This sprayer has larger paint passages to accommodate the variety of coatings, from Campbell Hausfeld. (May/Jun 2003)
Binks is offering something new for conventional and HVLP spray guns (Jul/Aug 2005)
Air heater by Ground Heaters (Sep/Oct 2004)
High-Performance Rhino Automatic Air Spray Gun from Binks. Designed for extreme multigun finishing applications or fixed-gun spray systems in high-production ceramic coating and sanitary ware environments. (May/June 2005)
Airless gas hydraulic sprayers by Graco (Jan/Feb 2005)
Titan Tool Inc. has a line of airless line stripers designed to handle the toughest striping applications. (Sep/Oct 2003)
Airless paint sprayers from Tital Tool. Models 740i, 840i, and 1140i, offer 0.7, 0.8 and 1.1 gallons per minute. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Hero's airless paint sprayer, the EC Series, features “Single Set Point Control.” This electronic pressure regulation system provides low dead-band and consistently even spraying pressure. (Jan/Feb 2006)
Airless accessories from Airlessco that make spraying and cleanup go more smoothly. (Jan/Feb 2006)
Caulking tools from Homax Products (May/Jun 2005)
Radius 360 drywall sanding tool (Nov/Dec 2004)
Enclosed fan-cooled electric motors, direct-drive triplex piston pumps with ceramic plungers,... (May/Jun 2004)
The E-Z Strainer makes straining paint simple (Jul/Aug 2003)
Aqua Pro is a 24-inch hover cover with 2-inch nylon bristles and a flip n’ fold handle. (Jul/Aug 2003)
The HV4000 HVLP system from Earlex is designed for semiprofessional users with its higher-end gun, motor output and cleaning system, while the HV5000 is top of the line. (Jul/Aug 2005)

Paint agitator from Binks (Jan/Feb 2005)
Electric-powered pasting machine from Vinotron (May/June 2005)
Paint Spray pumps for both residential and commercial jobs. (Sep/Oct 2002)
Mobile pressure washer from Water Cannon (May/Jun 2004)
Cold water series of pressure washers, the Job Pro Electric Series, from Mi-T-M. (May/Jun 2004)
HSP Series of portable self-contained hot water pressure washers. (Sep/Oct 2003)
Cold-water alluminum pressure washers (Mar/Apr2005)
Gas-powered pressure washers equipped with on-board storage and accessory storage, from Campbell Hausfield. (Sep/Oct 2003)
Water shotgun pressure washers are belt drives which give extended lift to the triplex pumps. (Jul/Aug 2002)
Horizontally opposed pumps, the EXEL Pump line from Binks (Sep/Oct 2005)
Pogo Plus Pump that promises better reliability than the original. The new edition incorporates several new features designed to ensure continuous high-volume delivery of low-to-medium-viscosity coatings and adhesives. (Jan/Feb 2006)
Binks has introduced a new design for its line of SG-2 two-quart pressure cups. (Jan/Feb 2006)

6-in-1 paint tool from Whitney Innovations (Nov/Dec 2004)
3M SandBlaster Abrasives for Angle Grinders (Sep/Oct 2005)
Norton 3X Premium Sandpaper Sheets
Drywall Hand Sanding Sponge Kit from Norton (Sep/Oct 2003)
Spray gun extensions from Hyde Tools (Mar/Apr2005)
Spray gun for wood finishing from DeVilbiss (Nov/Dec 2005)
Precision FinishLine 3 Spray Guns engineered for uniform, well-atomized spray patterns, from offer an economical solution for general-purpose and light-duty applications. (Jan/Feb 2006)
Spray Port high volume/low pressure (HVLP) from Earlex (Sept/Oct Nov 2005)
DeVilbiss VTX Spray Gun is the first to employ Jet Impingement Atomization (JIA) to revolutionize wood finishing stain applications (Sep/Oct 2004)
The Euro 900 Spray Gun by Optima from The Motor Guard Corp. (Sep/Oct 2003)
American International Tool Industries Inc. has a 2-in-1 power tool called the Paint Shaver. The tool is used for stripping. (May/Jun 2003)
Tooldog™, a paint stripping tool. (Jun 2001)
Vacuum Pole Sanding Kit from Hyde (Mar/Apr 2005)
Motorized spray bottle eases wallpaper removal, from Campbell Hausfield (Jul/Aug 2003)
Mi-T-M Corp. has introduced the WCP Series to its line of water treatment products. (Jul/Aug 2005)

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