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Company Profile

Modello Designs

2504 Transportation Ave., Suite H
National City, CA 91950
Phone: 619-477-5607
Toll Free: 800-663-3860
Fax: 619-477-0373

Modello Designs™
Revolutionizing the Art and the Business of Decorative Painting

The Art
Modello Designs offers an exciting new approach to the creation and application of pattern and design for interior and exterior environments. ModelloTM, translated from Italian, means "pattern" or "I model"-the perfect name for patterns that are modeled, or created, to to suit your specific needs. Modellos are the brain child of Melanie Royals, president and creative director of both Modello Designs and Royal Design Studio. Profile on Melanie Royals.

Modellos are the medium
One-time-use decorative masking patterns that are custom-sized and cut to order from your choice of adhesive materials.

Modellos are the method
The adhesive quality of the material opens up a whole new world of application techniques, including the ability to work with the design in a positive or negative manner.

Modellos offer new options
When combined with decorative painting, gilding, etching, and textural mediums, the artistic possibilities are unlimited.

The Business
As the awareness of the value and beauty of decorative painting broadens and practice of decorative painting becomes more highly developed, the need grows for more sophisticated, unique and customizable options. Modello is here to both enhance that need and to fill it.

Decorative artists and designers now have a cost-effective means of utilizing completely custom art-with designs, patterns and techniques that have previously been unexplored and unavailable.

Design on Demand™
What makes Modello Designs so unique is that we offer you so many new creative applications and design options-all available at your fingertips. We call it Design on Demand™.

-Modellos can be cut from a variety of different adhesive materials and thicknesses, depending on the products and techniques that you will be using for their application.

-Each design can be sized and cut to order to fit your exact needs and project specifications-large or small.

-Modellos also offer the option of using the pattern for both “positive” and “negative” application, allowing you to create a design with a positive image (such as painting or embossing) or to use the pattern as a mask to create a “resist” or negative effect (as in an inlaid design or pattern).

-Choose from hundreds of scaleable, elegant designs in an ever-expanding range of decorative styles and motifs.

-Have our team of graphic artists create a custom Modello pattern from art that your provide.

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