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PaintPRO Tip
PaintPRO Tip
PaintPRO Tip
PaintPRO Tip

Franklin Bender

You want to speed up roller applications on every job, right! Then equip your extension poles with the new . PaintPRO recently gave this new tool a rigorous test-roll and found it an excellent tool to work with. The Franklin Bender breaks all traditional methods of rolling and gives painters virtually a new way to paint that is faster and better. Here are some simple tips for improving your rolling applications with the Franklin Bender:

Photo 1
Shows the Franklin Bender rolling the face frame of a window in a traditional manner. (Note: the shorter roller frame in use with the Franklin Bender).

Photo 2
Without use of a ladder, the angle of the roller is quickly changed to reach up between second story windows and backroll a difficult section of the wall.

Photo 3
Without bending over or having to resort to a repetitive up and down motion with the roller, the angle of the Franklin Bender is quickly changed, once again, to provide faster back-rolling ability.

Photo 4
Again, without using the ladder or bending a roller frame, the Franklin Bender quickly adjusts to another angle for back-rolling this board. Keep in mind, with a very slight angle on the roller the under side of this wall can be back-rolled without standing directly beneath the roller) where splatters and drops can get you).

At PaintPRO, we believe this tool, like a quality brush, roller or airless sprayer, needs to be in the hands of every professional painter. Invest in the tools that can make your job better and easier.

(For more information call the Franklin Tools Systems at 800-238-8404 or visit them online at





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