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OSI sealant even easier to use
Pro-Series Quad Advanced Formula Sealant from OSI features a new Break-A-Way Seal that eliminates hassles. No longer do siding contractors need to rely on nails, screws or pencils laying around the jobsite to puncture the inner seal of the nozzle — it breaks away easily once the cartridge is installed in the caulk gun and pressure is applied, making rooftop or high-height jobs easier. The new seal also eliminates the risk of product contamination from using foreign objects to break the inner seal of the cartridge.

Pro-Series Quad Advanced Formula Sealant is a multi-polymer formula providing superior, all-weather adhesion. It is available in a variety of colors to match gutters, vinyl windows and siding for added aesthetic appeal. It provides superior adhesion and easy extrusion in both hot and cold weather, even through water and in temperatures below 20 degrees. Its unique formula provides excellent stretch and movement capability. When cured, Quad is mildew-resistant and will not crack or yellow.

Quad is recommended for use on porous and non-porous building materials for exterior applications on vinyl, aluminum, steel, copper, fiber-cement, stucco, most masonry, fiberglass, cedar and composite wood building materials; metal or vinyl gutter systems; and most home roofing repair projects.

For more information, visit their Web site or call (888) 445-0208.

SprayTECH debuts new sprayers
SprayTECH Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality airless, electrostatic, and high volume/low pressure paint sprayers for professional paint applicators, has introduced two new gas powered airless paint sprayers: the GPX750 and the GPX1250.

The GPX750, powered by a 4.0 horsepower Honda engine, is ideal for light to medium residential and commercial applications where electricity is not available. The GPX750 is rated at 3,200 psi and supports tip sizes up to .026 inch. This sprayer is ideally suited to spray stains, specialty coatings, enamels, latex, and smooth elastomeric coatings.

The GPX1250, powered by a 5.5 horsepower Honda engine, is ideal for medium to large residential and commercial applications. The GPX1250 is rated at 3,300 psi and supports tip sizes up to .034 inch. This sprayer is ideally suited to spray stains, specialty coatings, enamels, latex, smooth elastomeric coatings, dry falls and most heavy blockfillers.

For more information, contact your local distributor or call SprayTECH at (800) 292-4637.

Flat latex resists wear-and-tear
While flat-finish industrial paints in deep-tone and accent colors can help bring architectural features into the aesthetic spotlight, these products have typically had very low resistance to marring and burnishing. Sherwin-Williams has created a solution to this problem with new ColorAccents Latex Flat interior paint. While the paint has a very low sheen — 0-2 units at 85 degrees — it has dramatically higher resistance to scuffs and marring. It is formulated to work synergistically with Sherwin-Williams ColorPrime Priming System, a gray-shade primer that helps achieve truer bold, bright or accent colors with fewer coats of paint. For more information, visit the Sherwin-Williams Web site.

Waterproofing coating
needs no primer
Barricoat, a new waterproofing coating from Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Inc. (CCW), can be used in a variety of applications including decks, foundations and retaining walls. Barricoat is a water-based, asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic rubbers and special additives. When sprayed on, it forms a monolithic, highly flexible membrane that cures fast. Designed as a waterproofing and vapor retardant membrane, it can be applied to concrete, CMU, wood and/or metal. Its excellent elongation and recovery qualities along with its solid tensile strength and exceptional bonding make it a product that performs exceptionally well over concrete.

The Barricoat system enables concrete contractors to create a seamless, fast curing membrane without the use of primers. “We are very pleased with the performance of Barricoat,” says Tim Eorgan, Director of Technical Support for CCW. “Our contractors are able to apply it to green concrete, damp surfaces and EPS forms. The fact that it is non-flammable and solvent free is also very popular.”

Barricoat is available in two different systems, Barricoat-S and Barricoat-R. Depending on the needs of the project, Barricoat-S offers a single-coat spray application while Barricoat-R offers a double reinforced roller applied system. For more information, call (800) 527-7092 or visit their Web site.

3-in-1 tool does it all
A new tool from Warner Tools opens buckets, mixes paints and even scoops drywall mud. The bucket opener and mixer is molded of extremely strong and durable black nylon and is designed to offer the leverage needed to easily pry open five-gallon buckets. The 18-inch length reaches to the bottom of five-gallon buckets and the concave shaped blade is contoured to scrape the sides. As a paint mixer, it works great for smaller painting jobs when a power mixer is too much. It is also strong enough to double as a spatula for scooping drywall mud. For more information, call (877) WARNER-1 or visit their Web site.

Toner brings out the beauty of wood
Okon Natural Choice is an acrylic formulation that creates a transparent finish that highlights the natural beauty of wood. The water-based, water-repellent wood toner contains transparent oxide color toners that create an oiled wood appearance while providing screening protection from damaging UV sunlight. When used on horizontal and vertical surfaces, Okon Natural Choice helps discourage rot and mildew by preventing moisture penetration. It penetrates even and deep, leaving no surface build-up to chip or flake. It can be used on decks, fences, log homes, milled smooth siding, outdoor furniture, pressure-treated lumber and shingles. It is easy to clean up with water, has low VOC and will not damage surrounding vegetation or asphaltic materials. For more information, call Rob Weber at (303) 377-7800.


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