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Light up your life
Warner Tools' new Silver Series includes quartz halogen floodlights that light up work sites from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. These portable, weatherproof lights, from Bull Dog Power Products, feature 500-watt high-intensity halogen bulbs and pebble finished reflectors to diffuse light for broad coverage. Tubular steel tripods are heavy-duty with telescoping masts. All lamps have lenses of clear, tempered glass and metal guards designed to minimize chance of tipping. They also feature extra wide lamp frames to help direct heat away from the housing. They take down easily and are very portable and lightweight.
(877) WARNER-1

Sherwin-Williams adds to faux finish line
With the addition of two new finishes to its popular illusions Faux Finish system, Sherwin-Williams gives painting contractors a broader range of easy-to-achieve, visually appealing faux finish options.

Soft Suede is a simple, two-step process that creates a rich, suede-like finish that's certain to satisfy even the most demanding commercial and residential customers. The finish begins with the roller application of a base coat on a wall or other clean surface, and is completed by a topcoat that is applied with a brush in a random pattern.

The textured finish of Sandscapes mimics the look of light playing across a sandy beach. A two-coat process — incorporating a 9" roller with a spatter guard — creates the natural, slubby-effect finish, which is designed to add subtle drama and a sense of depth to interior surfaces.

Acrylic finish bridges cracks
Sto Corp. has released an economical option to elastomeric finishes with its new Powerwall finish, a ready mixed, flexible-textured wall coating used as a decorative and protective wall finish over prepared concrete, masonry and plaster/stucco substrates. It is available in Fine, Medium, and Swirl textures.

The acrylic-based finish is flexible, so it bridges hairline cracks while maintaining excellent adhesion and weather-resistance. Because it is water-based, it is non-toxic and cleans up with water.
(800) 221-2397

Hinge covers save time and labor
H.M. Enterprises has introduced magnetic hinge covers that make it easy to mask door hinges during the painting process and save the labor of removing dried tape off the hinges when the job is complete. The hinge covers take only a few seconds to apply, and cover the entire hinge, plates and barrel on a hanging door. They are adjustable, reusable, and allow regular movement of the door during the painting process. They come in three standard sizes, with other sizes coming soon.
(903) 876-5650

Faux products from the Masters
Modern Masters has a new line of premium water-base glazes, crackles and varnishes developed specifically for professional decorative painters and serious amateurs. The line includes Decorative Painter's Tintable Glaze, Extender for Latex Paint, China Crackle System, Crackle for Latex Paint, Dead Flat Varnish and Satin Varnish. All of the products offer premium performance in a low-odor, water-base formula.

Decorative Painter's Tintable Glaze (Scumble) and Extender for Latex Paint are formulated to offer one full hour of “open time.” Developed specifically for use with universal tints, Tintable Glaze is translucent and durable, offering optimum viscosity for maintaining textures on vertical surfaces without sagging. Extender for Latex Paint turns ordinary latex paint into a translucent, durable colored glaze. The product can also be added to the Tintable Glaze, Dead Flat Varnish and Satin Varnish to achieve a longer “open time.”

The three-step China Crackle system creates the appearance of antique cracked oil varnish on nearly any painted surface or decorative work. Crackle for Latex Paint is used between two layers of paint — or with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster — to create an elegant, antique look on furniture, woodwork, trim, lamps or decorative accessories.

Decorative Painter's Dead Flat Varnish and Satin Varnish achieve an optimum level of clarity with little or no sheen. The non-yellowing varnishes can be used as an interior protective finish coat on any decorative finish to add durability, washability and to remove any undesirable variations in sheen level.
(800) 942-3166

Polymer stain offers bright colors
Rembrandt, an eco-friendly polymer stain, allows the designer to infuse concrete with a palette of artful colors. Rembrandt pigment comes in 12 standard colors, including vibrant red, orange, and cobalt blue as well as black and white. By mixing two or more pigments, you can create your own designer colors.

The system consists of a gallon container of resin into which you squeeze tubes of pigment. Just shake, and it's ready to apply. One coat dries to the touch in less than an hour, and you can apply a clear finish coat after 2 to 3 hours.

Rembrandt has no objectionable odor because of its ultra-low (VOC) content. The environmentally friendly formulation also complies with California's stringent South Coast Air Quality Management District rules for VOC content for architectural coatings.

Rembrandt is used in residential, commercial, and institutional markets for a variety of interior and exterior applications, including childcare centers, theme parks, hospitals, children's bedrooms, shopping malls, restaurants and schools. Rembrandt can also be used on concrete surfaces that may not take conventional acid stains well, such as areas previously cleaned with muriatic acid, or where a substance is inhibiting the chemical reaction of the acid stain.

For slab surfaces where extra traction is desired, such as pool decks or sloped driveways, a non-slip finish can be created by broadcasting silica sand, fine glass beads, or other aggregates onto the surface between coating applications. The acrylic-urethane stain is manufactured by Epmar Corporation of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., and distributed by Kemiko Concrete Products, Leonard, Texas.
(903) 587-3708

Flood adds tintable Toner Base
The Flood Company has added a new translucent oil product to its FloodPro WoodTones lineup, a Clear Toner Base that can be custom tinted to an impressive palette of colors. The clear Toner Base works hand-in-hand with in-store colorant systems, and affords contractors the luxury of being able to offer a translucent finish in any color for any project. It provides a mildew-resistant finish that goes on smoothly and effortlessly with brush, roller or ideally, a garden sprayer. Fortified with Flood's Penetrol for maximum protection and penetration, the product contains transoxides to guard against UV damage while also highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.
(800) 321-3444

Scissors make the cut
WalWorks, a division of Zinsser Co., has introduced ComfortGrip Scissors, a new line developed specifically for use on wallcovering, window treatments, upholstery, fabric and craft products. The scissors, crafted from the finest precision steel, are keenly honed to handle the most delicate wallpaper. The substantial blades and adjustable tension also make them ideal for use on thick commercial vinyl and textile wallcoverings, string and grass cloth wallcoverings, heavy-weight upholstery materials including leather, canvas and burlap, and all decorator fabrics. ComfortGrip Scissors are uniquely crafted with slip-resistant cushioned grips and ambidextrous handles with extra-large finger loops. They are available in two blade sizes — 9.5" and 11" — with design features specifically styled for wallpaper and fabric projects.
(732) 469-8100

Say goodbye to mildew
Roman Decorating Products, a leading manufacturer of wallcovering adhesives, has introduced the Ultra Plus Mildew Proof System featuring Mildew Guard, and exclusive system of mildewcides. The Ultra Plus system is comprised of three products: The Ultra Plus Pro-988 Primer, the Ultra Plus Pro-888 Clear Adhesive, and an Ultra Plus Pro-788 Clay Adhesive. The system provides powerful protection against mildew. When properly applied, the Ultra Plus Mildew Proof System is guaranteed to stop the growth of mildew on the primer and adhesive for at least five years.
(800) 488-6117

Paint it smarter
The Anglemaster, from Paint Smart, has a sliding handle and allows the contractor to change the spray tip angle a full 180 degrees while spraying. There's no need to stop production and adjust the swivel by hand. This unique patent-pending product has a built in 45-degree gun adapter and uses non-leak Teflon O-ring sealing technology.

The versatility of the adjusting swivel allows tops of pipes to be painted from below. I-beams, vaulted ceilings, trusses and soffits are easily mastered with this new innovation. The Anglemaster is available in 3-foot and 5-foot lengths.
(800) 304-6964

New packaging for polymers
Rock-Tred Corp. has created the Rok-Pak, which allows multiple-component polymer coatings to be packaged, shipped and mixed in one container. The Rok-Pak eliminates the mixing of wrong components, as each component is pre-filled to the proper mix ratio. The Rok-Pak has an easy-to-open tear strip lid. With the lid off, simply remove the bags, cut the corners, pour into the pail, mix, and apply. For cleanup, just put the strip and emptied bags in the pail, stack the pails, and discard. The Rok-Pak is currently available in two sizes: small (up to 1 gallon) and large (standard 3 gallons) and fits any mix ratio. The Rok-Pak packaging concept is also available for use by other manufacturers, either through a toll manufacturing or licensing agreement.
(800) 762-8733 www.rocktred.com

Products save time, add efficiency
Campbell Hausfeld has introduced three new accessories: improved Pump Protector, EZ Suction Assembly and Can Caddy. The Pump Protector improves airless paint sprayer pump protection during storage. After application, it evaporates to provide a very thin (1-2 molecules thick) coating over steel, aluminum, iron and galvanized steel surfaces. The coating both lubricates and creates a long-lasting moisture barrier that prevents water from reaching the metal surfaces, thus eliminating oxidation. Pump Protector may also be used as a winterizing agent and anti-freeze for pressure washers.

The EZ Suction Assembly allows a garden hose to attach directly to an airless paint sprayer to quickly and efficiently flush the system of paint. The EZ Suction Assembly will come standard on Campbell Hausfeld's airless contractor unit, the PS6521, and will be compatible as an accessory for most other Campbell Hausfeld airless units.

The Can Caddy takes the lugging, bending and spilling out of painting by keeping the paint right by painters' sides — literally. The Can Caddy is an adjustable belt constructed of thick webbing that features a heavy-duty yet lightweight plastic caddy designed to securely hold a one-gallon paint can. The Can Caddy is ideal for those being supported by a ladder or other uneven surface, feeding directly from a paint can while using handheld applicators or tackling painting jobs that require frequent mobility.

Surface offers strength and luster
Versatile Building Products has just released Stardust, a new product for the decorative flooring market.

Stardust is an extremely new material that is quite unusual and striking when used with direct lighting. “The reflective properties of the system add a tremendous amount of depth to what would normally be a solid color, monolithic floor,” says Bryan Miller, sales and marketing manager for Versatile. “With direct lighting this system makes an ordinary floor really stand out.” The sample shown incorporates Cobalt Blue Stardust over Versatile's Versa-Pox “SR” Black two-part epoxy.

Stardust gives a unique and stylized finish with the strength of industrial flooring. The Stardust system holds up extremely well to heavy, industrial traffic, and is available in Fire Red, Ice, Emerald, Cobalt Blue and Violet. The Stardust system can be utilized in any retail application such as restaurants, salons, supermarkets, theme parks, etc.
(562) 898-2499

New Ultra/Pro Shortcut paintbrush
Wooster Brush Company's new Ultra/Pro Shortcut features a unique, short handle that makes the brush easy to control.

The short handle design adds control and clearance in tight spaces. It won't bump against the ceiling or an opposite surface like larger brushes. Formed with soft elastomeric material, the patented green Shergrip handle provides greater comfort and non-slip grip. It will never swell or crack because it is completely impervious to water. It resists all common painting solvents and is very easy to clean.

While the handle is short, the brush head is full-size for fast coverage. It incorporates Wooster's firm Ultra/Pro blend of nylon and polyester, excellent for 1) all acrylic paints, latex enamels, and medium-bodied coatings, 2) warm temperatures indoors or out, and 3) whenever painters want a time-saving firm brush. Balanced flex provides exceptional cut-in control.

Wooster Ultra/Pro Shortcut angle sash brushes are made in 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch sizes. They are available now to traditional paint and decorating centers, hardware stores, and paint sundry distributors or dealers.
(330) 264-4440


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