PaintPRO, Vol. 6, No. 1
January/February 2004

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Solvent Regs in California
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Clarity With Colors
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Rollers for Decorative Effects
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Contractor Profile: Hester Decorating
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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Sealer keeps water out of concrete and masonry
Okon W-2 economically seals regular concrete block and other moderately porous surfaces such as old weathered brick and heavily textured stucco. Offering superior water repellent performance, it is formulated with a proprietary blend of the highest quality acrylic micro-emulsions and a silane-siloxane solution.
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Palette coordinates color, texture, sheens
Master Coating Technologies' Scuffmaster line of coordinated interior paints rolled out its 2004 color palette in mid-December. The new palette offers design professionals 140 new colors in six finish styles. In addition, the new collection has organized the finish styles in a way that simplifies specifying.
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Coating allows easy graffiti cleanup
XIM's E-Z Free Anti-Graffiti Coating is a two-component, specially modified acrylic urethane protective coating and sealer that is formulated so that graffiti can be easily washed off. A non-sacrificial barrier coating, it offers excellent gloss and clarity while giving long-lasting protection.
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Rust Cap now comes in smooth finishes
Hammerite Rust Cap rust encapsulating paint is now available in a variety of smooth finish tones as well as the traditional hammered finish. Either finish provides a deep, rich decorativecoating resistant to corrosion and the damaging effects of moistureand severe weather.
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Clips speed drywall repair
Bear Claw Drywall Repair Clips dramatically reduce the time and effort of repairing drywall, without cutting back to the studs. Utilizing a regular piece of drywall as a patch, the clips align the outside surfaces of the patch with the existing wall to provide a perfectly flush seam in a wall of any thickness.
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Hopper Gun provides uniform textures
Warner Tools' Model 10041 Hopper Gun takes much of the guesswork out of applying wall texture and ceiling acoustic. An air shutoff valve provides airflow control at the gun, not at the compressor.
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Hyde adds disposable latex gloves
Hyde Tools has introduced new disposable latex gloves to its line of surface preparation products. At 7.5 mil thickness, they are 35 percent thicker than most competitors' vinyl gloves.
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Protect wood with Weather Pro
Okon Weather Pro screens out the damaging rays of the sun while providing long-lasting protection against warping, cupping and splitting of wood. By maintaining a dry condition, Weather Pro also helps reduce mold and mildewing problems while protecting vertical wood surfaces in all weather conditions, including precipitation and temperature extremes.
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Clean rollers made easy
The Roller Solution is designed for heavy use by professional painters who demand superior roller cleaning efficiently and economically. This device can be taken to job sites and used immediately wherever a water hose and a power cord are available.
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Paint screen stays put
The new Wooster 1-Gallon Grid works with all gallon metal paint cans and rollers 41⁄2 inches and smaller, including Wooster Jumbo-Koter. Unlike other screens that rest inside the can, the Wooster 1-Gallon Grid locks securely to the can rim.
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Spray Shields work with angles
Hyde Manufacturing Co. has introduced Proshield Professional Spray Shields. These products cover, deflect, mask and protect.
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