PaintPRO, Vol. 7, No. 4
July/August 2005
PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 4

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PaintPRO Archives — Product Profile


Racatac Knee Pad

Preserve your knees
with the Racatac

When painting brings you to your knees, there is a tool that can keep you rolling along even when you’re at your lowest.

The tool is called the Racatac. It’s a four-wheeled platform topped by a bicycle-style webspring seat and kneepads. Kneel on the pads and sit back on the seat, and the Racatac will support your knees and back as you paint and caulk baseboards, cabinets or trim. When you’re ready to move on, push yourself with your feet, and the Racatac rolls without you having to change your position.

Sitting on the Racatac makes for a pleasant change of pace from crouching or kneeling on a hard floor. It lets a painter relax while providing control, speed, balance and comfort.

RacatacFlooring installer Craig Comeaux designed the Racatac for the flooring industry. But as Comeaux’s company, Racatac Products Inc., started racking up sales, applications for other industries became obvious.

The company has started selling a second model aimed at painters and the auto body industry. The new model rolls on three-inch casters instead of the original two-inch casters, and the extra height makes it easier to paint vertically.

omeone on a painter’s Racatac should be able to reach the lower three-fourths of a door, Comeaux says. “You’re up three inches, so you can move in a lateral position a lot quicker.”

Racatac Products also began selling a chest support piece in April. “You can lean over and work with two hands,” Comeaux says.

The 8-pound Racatac has outside dimensions of 191⁄2 inches by 20 inches and is made of 1⁄8-inch thick aluminum. The seat tilts and adjusts vertically and horizontally. A removable tray can take tools and parts along for the ride.

For more information visit the Racatac Web site or call (877) 722-2822.


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