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Vol. 6 No. 5
September/October 2004
Issue No. 26

Photo courtesy of OSI


Low-VOC Paints
Get used to it! These environmentally friendly paints are probably in your future.
by John Chandler

Exterior Caulks
Silicone? Polyurethane? Acrylic latex? How about butyl or synthetic rubber? Tips for making the right choice.
by John Strieder

Bathtub Refinishing
You can really clean up in this profitable niche industry.
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Radiant Barrier Coatings
Keeping a house cool — from the top down.
by Stacey Enesey Klemenc

Decorative Painting
Here’s an easy and attractive treatment for previously textured surfaces.
by Michele Santilli

Estimating Etc.
Take note of the “Special Conditions” in job specifications.
by Len Hijuelos


PaintPRO’s Painter of the Month: Norcal Wood Restoration & Painting, Mill Valley, California.
Contractor Blaine Robles has built a successful business around keeping wood surfaces at their best.
by David Thompson

Manufacturer Profile: Sikkens Wood Care Products
More than 200 years of experience make this company a leader in the coatings industry.
by Bruce Hackett


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