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PaintPRO Archives — Painting Tips

Spray and Backrolling
Rolling for greater productivity spray and backrolling is obviously the most productive means for getting the paint on fast but when spraying is not a timely or acceptable alternative "brush and roll" it is. At PaintPRO we recently spent some time in the field observing some of the ways painters are rolling on the paint and found that among many different techniques in use more time can be saved by incorporating a few time tested methods. Shown in photos is the use of the euro-style Whizz roller sleeve and frame.

  1. Make sure you always keep your bucket of paint in front of you when rolling walls. Time spent turning around, taking two or three steps toward your paint is a waste of time and movements. With less space between your bucket of paint and the wall, there's less paint spills on your drops.
  2. Dip your roller into the paint and apply the material liberally to the wall. Spread the paint on the wall but don't lay it off and don't worry about covering the entire surface with paint (you'll be back to do that in just a moment). Now, dip again and continue this procedure 3 or 4 times. But remember not to finish rolling these areas until you have adequate paint on a 4' to 8' section of the wall. Now, lay off the paint you've applied and move onto the next 4' to 8' section.
  3. By applying paint with a roller, using this method you are able to lay off a larger section of the wall rather than with each dip of the roller. Time is lost when you constantly try to lay off paint with each roller application. With the "single-dip" approach you constantly disrupt each area you just finished rolling the time before.
  4. Lastly, wear a wrist watch if you don't wear one already. When you wear a watch you can time yourself on each room and attempt to beat your old record. If you're worried about getting your watch dirty cover it with a sweat band. When you start thinking it might be faster to 'roll it' than 'spray it' you're probably gaining the efficiency you need to be more profitable.

— Ron Franklin Contributing Editor

Painting Techniques
Fewer "Goobers" in your pot!
Doing brush work with a 1 or 2 gallon pot can be a bit messy when there's miles of brush work behind you or ahead. Paint inadvertently gets all around the rim of the pot and leaves a mess. When all this paint begins drying your brush starts picking up "goobers" and those chunks end up in your brush work. By dabbing your brush against the side of the pot in one place you start gaining control of this messy buildup of paint all around the inside edges. If you know what I'm talking about, put a stop to the "goobers" by placing a strip of tape on one side of the pot. Now, whenever you dip your brush into the paint you can visually remind yourself where you last dabbed your brush inside the pot and return there each time. This way the paint always remains wet in this one spot and you are happier.


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