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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Cabot Australian Timber Oil For Hardwood Decks and Outdoor Furniture
Samuel Cabot Inc., the innovative leader in architectural finishes, announces the introduction of the answer to protecting exotic hardwoods — Cabot Australian Timber Oil for Hardwoods is a unique blend of oils originally formulated to protect dense Australian tallowwood, cambara and merbau from the extreme exposures.
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Surrender to the Lure of the Tropics Eisenhart Launches Royal Palm™
Surrender to the lure of the tropics with Ashford House® Royal Palm™. This new collection of wallpapers, borders, and fabrics features lush tropical designs, as well as piquant animal prints. Royal Palm™ is the latest addition to this brand devoted to architectural and historic designs. Exotic floral motifs of this collection are printed on one-hundred-year-old surface presses, to give the paper the look of luxury that Eisenhart is known for. Go to article ›››

Red Devil Speed Demon II Silicone Sealant
Red Devil Inc. announces Speed Demon®II Silicone Sealant, a multi-purpose formula that offers unbeatable protection against the elements. Red Devil Speed Demon II provides excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces and a strong weather-resistant seal. It is perfect for jobs indoors or outdoors, including window and door frames, skylights, gutters, aluminum siding, air conditioners and vents. Go to article ›››

Metal Coating Turns Plastic Into “Real” Metal
PlateAll Metal Coating Applicator Ron Randal transforms a plastic mailbox into a copper work of art with this unique metal coating process! In his own successful Metal Coating business, ñMetal Morphous,î in Connecticut, Ron applies PlateAll to auto body parts (even under the hood), window frames, doors, cabinets, mouldings, commercial signs, and more. Ron is bursting with innovative ways to use PlateAll in his work.
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GelTek — The Profiler™
Surface Gel Tek has developed a new product that literally take the guess work out of concrete surface preparation. "The Profiler™" (formerly Tek Gel) is a patented gel formula that is environmentally safe and a cost effective alternative to conventional methods of concrete surface preparation such a muriatic acid and bead blasting.
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