Vol 5 No 2

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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Cabot Stains



Exterior Stain from Cabot

Cabot has launched a new product called Cabothane — a three-coat exterior application that can be applied in a single day. The new translucent finish provides an excellent treatment for wood exteriors and architectural details while rendering an outstanding rich gloss that will prominently display the beauty of wood. The durable, glossy look of a Cabothane finish is achieved through the formulation of a super-premium, 100 percent acrylic urethane that embellishes the natural beauty of red cedar, redwood, mahogany, fir, pine, and many other premium wood species. Cabothane, which is vapor permeable and U.V. resistant, is available in Crystal Clear, Sundance, Chestnut and Red Maple.


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