Vol 5 No 2

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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Face-shield/respirator combo
The new ClearVisor with Adflo system combines full eye and face protection with a slim, lightweight, powered, air-purifying respirator. The polycarbonate face shield has exceptional clarity and a wide viewing area, while providing protection from high-impact hazards. Go to article ›››

Pole and scraper display
Warner Tool has introduced a new pole and scraper display that uses just three feet of floor space. The rack promotes sales by organizing and displaying extension poles and long-handle scrapers. Go to article ›››

New exterior stain from Cabot
Cabot has launched a new product called Cabothane — a three-coat exterior application that can be applied in a single day. The new translucent finish provides an excellent treatment for wood exteriors and architectural details while rendering an outstanding rich gloss that will prominently display the beauty of wood. Go to article ›››

Waterborne stain killer
Porter Paints has added the Sta-Kil WB 100% Acrylic Primer/Sealer No. 184 to its line of stain killers. Go to article ›››

One-step primer-surfacer for drywall
Sheetrock Brand Primer-Surfacer (Tuff-Hide) is a new high-build spray from United States Gypsum Co. that provides exceptionally smooth, high-quality, finished gypsum panels and ceilings. Go to article ›››

Ergonomic paint roller
The Curly Flex Roller, developed by a professional painter, is an ergonomic design that allows increased productivity with less work. The forward angle brings pressure to the front of the roller with less effort. Go to article ›››

Invention looking for a home
The Reacher, a paintbrush specially designed for use on upper walls and hard-to-reach surfaces, is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. Go to article ›››

Stucco sealer
Okon Stucco Sealer was specially designed to help stabilize and protect natural and synthetic stucco surfaces and their underlying substrates against moisture intrusion and the damage it creates. Go to article ›››

SuperSoft knee pads
Hyde Manufacturing Co. has introduced professional quality SuperSoft Gel Knee Pads to its product line. The knee pads contain heavy duty gel cushions at pressure points designed to lessen worker fatigue and long-term knee pain. Go to article ›››

Video addresses conflicts with customers
Got a client who won’t listen to reason? The HowToVideoLibrary has released the first in a series of legal programs aimed at helping small businesses handle conflicts with clients. Go to article ›››


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