Vol 5 No 2

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face shield/respirator combo



ClearVisor Face-Shield/Respirator Combo

The new ClearVisor with Adflo system combines full eye and face protection with a slim, lightweight, powered, air-purifying respirator. The polycarbonate face shield has exceptional clarity and a wide viewing area, while providing protection from high-impact hazards. The respirator is used with a high-efficiency particle filter that can be “stacked” onto an optional Adflo cartridge for additional protection against organic vapors, sulfur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen chloride fumes. Additional features include a brushless motor, automatic airflow control, and a ventilated leather belt shaped for maximum freedom and back support. The system comes with a “smart” battery charger that controls the battery charging process automatically. The blower’s breathing tube port is parallel to the worker’s back, so it tends to stay closer to the user’s body and is less likely to catch on surrounding obstacles. The system can be used in a multitude of settings, including spray painting.
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