Vol 5 No 2

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Film Thickness: Gauge Coating Density
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Old Paint, New Strippers
Contractor Profile: Certified Coatings
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How To Video Library



HowToVideoLibrary Video Addresses Conflicts with Customers

Got a client who won’t listen to reason? The HowToVideoLibrary has released the first in a series of legal programs aimed at helping small businesses handle conflicts with clients. The first program, “Secrets of Small Claims Court for Contractors and Lien Tactics for Contractors,” is focused on the needs of independent contractors when faced with an adversarial client. The 88-minute program covers much more than just how to file a small-claims court suit. It deals with issues that can make or break a case, how to win and better still, how to avoid small claims in the first place. Moreover, it explains the difference between winning in small claims court and actually recovering a loss, an awareness that very few litigants have. The bonus section, “Lien Tactics for Contractors,” is broad-based, current information on using liens to secure a project. Lien laws have changed dramatically in the past few years and most contractors are not aware of the changes and how they affect their right to payment for services rendered.
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