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Barth's Faux Tool



The Faux Tool, from
Barth's Faux Finishing

The Faux Tool, from the Faux Tool Company (a division of Barth’s Faux Finishing) is a 12" x 12" heavy-duty pouncing tool that can be utilized on virtually all glaze finishes. The tool is made of metal and extruded plastic fittings so that it will last under a lot of usage. It is designed not only for professionals who want to speed up their application, but also for homeowners who want to save money and get professional results.

The Faux Tool comes with three specially designed and washable sleeves, including plastic, terrycloth and authentic lambs’ wool. The various covers will achieve a multitude of professional finishes over different surfaces. The tool, which is ergonomically designed to fit large or small hands, comes complete with an extension pole, which makes it easy to reach hard-to-get or high areas of the ceiling. Besides the tool, the sleeves and the extension, this kit includes a water spritzer bottle and a can of Barth’s Amaze-A-Glaze. The Amaze-A-Glaze is pre-measured so all a person has to do is to add a color (high quality latex paint).

Once mixed, it will provide coverage of approximately 200 square feet of wall surface that already has today’s average latex paint base. Last, but far from least, the kit contains a gift certificate worth $200 toward a faux finishing class that may be taken from any of the schools listed. Barth has sought out schools in various areas of the country to participate in this education program.
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