PaintPRO , Vol. 6, No. 6
November/December 2004
PaintPRO Vol 6 No 6

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Education Focus: Faux Masters Studio
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Contractor Profile: John W. Dee
Manufacturer Profile: UGL
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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Safe strippers remove multiple layers
Aqua-Strip, from Back to Nature,is a technically advanced marine stripper that is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and nonflammable and contains no methylene chloride or caustic. Go to article ›››

Penetrating color enhances concrete
Sherwin-Williams Vertical Concrete Stain is a cost-effective way to add distinctive color and improved appearance to large concrete structures such as parking garages, stadium supports and tilt-up, block and stucco walls. Go to article ›››

Beautify boring concrete floors
Key Chip-100 Flooring, from Key Resin Company, offers a 100-percent-solids, low maintenance flooring system specially formulated to produce a dense, nonporous floor ideal for light to medium traffic areas such as classrooms, bathrooms, lobbies and even residential garage floors. Go to article ›››

Coatings tanks meet regulations for flammable materials
The Binks ASME Code PT Tanks are offered as the only PT tanks on the market that meet OSHA regulations for flammable and combustible materials. Go to article ›››

Spray gun ideal for wood finishing
DeVilbiss has introduced the MSHTE Spray Gun, for applications that demand high transfer efficiency and low fluid pressure. The gun’s spray method produces low-pressure atomization with very low particulate travel velocity, resulting in greater transfer efficiency, less overspray and reduced bounce-back. Go to article ›››

Mix-N-Clean with just one tool
Whitney Innovations LLC has introduced an innovative 6-in-1 paint tool called Mix-N-Clean. This new multi-purpose tool, with all-metal construction, offers a paint mixer, roller cleaner, spatula, can opener, lip cleaner, and paint stirrer all in one compact implement. Go to article ›››

Catch the Next Wave of wood finishes
Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings North America has launched three new products as part of the Sikkens Next Wave assortment: Cetol Log & Siding, Cetol DEK Finish and Cetol Door & Window. Go to article ›››

Tape leaves no residue even after 30 days
Tyco Plastics & Adhesives has introduced a residue-free tape that offers clean removal up to 30 days after application. Polyken Stucco 888 Enhanced Masking Material is a highly formulated adhesive that masks window frames, stucco, plastering, concrete, masonry and any other applications where UV-resistant and residue-free properties are needed. Go to article ›››

Covers keep your brushes in shape
One of the biggest expenses facing professional painters is maintaining an adequate supply of quality brushes. KBC protective brush covers dramatically reduce wear and tear on paintbrushes, extending the life of your brushes considerably.
Go to article ›››

Primer gives you better hide with fewer coats
Muralo’s new Cover-all Tintable Deep Base Primer can be tinted to any deep and accent top coat color, enabling contractors to get crisp, clean colors. Go to article ›››

OnePass does it in a single pass
OnePass, an all-purpose spackling and joint compound, is formulated with Rapid Set non-shrink cement, allowing full-depth application in a single pass. 
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Sanding tool great for curved surfaces
The Radius 360 is a revolutionary drywall-sanding tool, with side-to-side, up and down, and circular mobility. The round design virtually eliminates flipping, surface-scratching and gouging. Go to article ›››

Trim brushes sport short handles
Painting windows, doors, trim and corners with latex and waterborne paints is now simpler, thanks to the new Pro Trimmer brushes from Elder & Jenks, a division of Muralo. Go to article ›››

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