PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 3
May/June 2005
PaintPRO Vol 7 No 2

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PaintPRO Archives — Product Profile

Caulking gun has perfect fit, balance
Dripless Inc.’s new Ergo/Tech 2000 Contractor Grade caulking gun (ETS 2000 for short) offers many of the standard features of a traditional caulking gun. But because it’s made from a composite, it’s up to 40 percent lighter than comparable models. And it’s as durable as it is lightweight.

Dripless Caulking GunThe gun has a patented ergonomic hand grip that has been designed to keep the wrist in a natural and balanced position. At the same time, the squeeze handle accommodates the fingers, allowing them to glide smoothly over its surface. The gun’s unique balancing ring helps it balance well, giving the user more application control with less hand and arm fatigue. “When you hold it in your hand, it’s incredibly comfortable,” says Dripless Inc. vice president Valerie Rumrill. “It’s not soft, but if you’ve ever held a metal gun, this conforms much more closely than that.”

Besides ergonomics, the gun offers many of the features of a typical high-end caulking gun, including a rotating barrel for corners and hard-to-reach places, a 9 mm case-hardened “drive dog,” and an extra-long cleanout rod that snaps into place when not in use.

A particularly noteworthy feature of this gun is its cutter, which is “very, very sharp,” Rumrill says. “So often, the blades on guns, they’re just junk.”
What’s more, a viewing port on the gun allows the user to see the angle of the tip they are cutting. “A lot of times, contractors like the tip cut at an angle,” she says.

As one might expect from a company called Dripless Inc., the ETS 2000 is dripless. The flow of caulk stops as soon as the caulker stops, without the need of a thumb release or the push of a button.

The ETS 2000 was introduced in spring 2004. It was the first in Dripless’ Ergo/Tech series — the fourth is slated for release this summer — but it’s the one that best suits the needs of paint contractors. “We took more than a year to design this puppy,” Rumrill says. “We started with considering all the features a contractor needs and likes in a gun.”

By building the gun with a composite, they lowerd the weight and kept the strength, she says.

Like all Dripless guns, the ETS 2000 carries a one-year warranty. For more information, visit the Dripless Products Web site or call (800) 960-1773.


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