PaintPRO, Vol. 8, No. 2
March/April 2006
PaintPRO, Vol 8 No 1

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PaintPRO Current Issue — Paint Product News

Rohm & Haas Acrylic Binder

Emulsion does its part to curb VOCs
Rohm and Haas Co. has introduced a 100 percent acrylic binder, Rhoplex HG-706 emulsion, into the architectural coatings market.

Rhoplex HG-706 takes advantage of innovative technology to improve enamel performance over that of conventional latex polymers. The binder features crosslinking technology for the formulation of interior and exterior VOC-compliant aqueous gloss and semigloss enamels. The combination of all-acrylic backbone and ambient-cure crosslinking technology provides superior performance in formulations that give off 50 to 150 grams/liter VOC. Paints made with HG-706 emulsion boast excellent gloss potential, early and ultimate block resistance, alkyd adhesion and stain removal.

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