PaintPRO, Vol. 8, No. 2
March/April 2006
PaintPRO, Vol 8 No 1

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Eggshell Finishes
Wallpaper Adhesives
Painter's Tape
Contractor Profile
Technology: Silicone
Project Profile: Refinished Tile
Project Profile: Limestone
Toolbox: Brushes
Paint Industry News
Product News

PaintPRO Current Issue — Paint Product News

Paint Product News

Home with a range of colors
Formulated to accelerate production speed and eliminate the need for multiple coats, Glidden Custom Home paint will improve production schedules and increase productivity by 20 percent to 30 percent. Go to article ›››

Stay on track
Glidden Ceiling Paint with EZ Track Technology contains a colorant that temporarily appears pink when applied and then transforms to a smooth, bright white in less than 30 minutes. Go to article ›››

Flood finish protects exotics
The Flood Co. has introduced FloodPro Supreme Performance premium finish, a waterborne system that is formulated with Acrytrol. Go to article ›››

Soak without going broke
The Original Tip Soaker from BestLine Painting was designed to cut down on the number of parts and tools lost to dried paint. Go to article ›››

It's about time
The Big Ben Tray from Wooster Brush Co. is designed for use with 12-inch to 18-inch roller frames. Go to article ›››

New line from Krylon
Krylon Products Group is expanding its offering of bulk coatings with the launch of Krylon Commercial Coatings. Go to article ›››

Within your reach
TriReach airless gun extensions, from TriTech Industries Inc., increase productivity by providing extra reach. Go to article ›››

Going for the gold
Sika Corp. has introduced Sika Mix & Go, a professional performance-based repair mortar, into the retail market. Go to article ›››

Double the rollers
Trac Tool Products LLC has partnered with Guardian Technologies to launch the Trac Tool Speed Rollers commercial paint applicator system. Go to article ›››

Odor killer
Insl-X Superior Coating Systems, a manufacturer of specialty paints and coatings, and Eliokem, a leading global specialty resin manufacturer, have announced a joint initiative to promote Odorless Primer/Sealer, Insl-X's low-odor stain killer.
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Cut the cord
Earlex Inc. has introduced an Autofeed Cordless Painting System, a fast and efficient way to paint large areas such as walls and ceilings without having to constantly refill messy paint trays. Go to article ›››

An extension worth a mention
The new Sherlock GT Javelin from Wooster Brush Co. lets painters add four feet to any GT pole. Attached to the 16-foot GT or GT Convertible pole, for example, this attachment allows 20 feet of reach. Go to article ›››

Emulsion does its part to curb VOCs
Rohm and Haas Co. has introduced a 100 percent acrylic binder, Rhoplex HG-706 emulsion, into the architectural coatings market. Go to article ›››

Advanced acrylics
Rohm and Haas Co. has developed a new waterborne technology geared to the high-performance coatings market. This new technology, trademarked under the name "Avanse," offers an advanced line of waterborne acrylics. Go to article ›››

New moons
The Moonlight glare-free lighting systems from Multiquip Inc. are balloon lights that fly fan-free. Go to article ›››

Get a grip
Zinsser Co. Inc. has introduced SureGrip Wallcovering Adhesives, a line of adhesives for every type of application. Go to article ›››

ZAR finishes offer Dual Drying Technology
United Gilsonite Laboratories has formulated ZAR Ultra Max Floor Finish, a waterborne oil-modified polyurethane that meets strict VOC regulations.
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Easier epoxy
E1, a one-part epoxy floor paint from United Gilsonite Laboratories, is a heavy-duty floor paint that compares to two-part epoxies but is easier to use.
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ZAR for the outdoors
ZAR Semi-Transparent Deck & Siding Exterior Stain accents the natural grain, texture and beauty of wood while shielding against the damaging effects of rain, salt air and ultraviolet rays. Go to article ›››

No need to be abrasive
International Paint LLC, an Akzo Nobel company, has introduced Interplus 634, a biodegradable, low-VOC paint disbonder designed as an alternative to traditional surface preparation techniques such as abrasive grit blasting or high-pressure hydroblasting.
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