PaintPRO, Vol. 8, No. 3
May/June 2006
PaintPRO, Vol 8 No 3

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Washing the Gray Away
Got Rust?
Painting Concrete & Masonry
Business Strategies: Uniforms
Estimating: Attention to Details
Painter Profile: Colin Griffinson
Tech: Biodegradable Paint Removers
Project Profile: Aquarium
Toolbox: Rollers
Product Profile: Spray-Stone
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PaintPRO Current Issue — Paint Product News

Paint Product News

Flick some Flecks
Muralo Company's new Decorative Floor Flecks can be used to improve slip resistance on painted floors. Flecks are available in three colors: Emerald, Ruby and Aqua. Go to article ›››

Make sanding easier
The 3X WallSand 2-in-1 Hand & Pole Sander Kit provides an all-in-one tool for sanding drywall seams and plaster on walls and ceilings. Go to article ›››

Clean your spray gun
Clean-n-Dip is a new environmentally friendly liquid that cleans and removes paint from your spray gun and accessories. When sprayed through a spray gun and paint sprayer, it is an effective cleaner. Spray tips, guns, and other metal parts can be soaked in this safe stripper/cleaner for effortless paint removal. Go to article ›››

Spray system offers performance, quality
Binks Comet 3-B Outfits offer a complete system for dependable, quality finishing for wood and metal applications. Go to article ›››

Commercial-grade pressure washers
DeWalt has introduced its first commercial gas pressure washers. Loaded with industrial-grade pumps, heavy-duty Honda GX engines, durable 16-gauge steel frames and versatile 12-inch pneumatic tires, all five models (DP2800, DP3400, DP3400HR, DP3750 and DP3750HR) are designed for commercial-grade applications.
Go to article ›››

Combo compressor/generator
Mi-T-M Corp. is now manufacturing two air compressor/generator units, available in portable and skid/truck mount models, that increase productivity by condensing two vital pieces of equipment into one machine. Go to article ›››

Inverter technology reduces noise, fuel demand
Mi-T-M Corp. is also offering a full line of portable generators. The 3,200- and 4,300-watt generators feature inverter technology that reduces size, weight, noise, and fuel consumption and produces commercial quality AC power for sensitive electronic equipment. Go to article ›››

Special palette for vinyl siding
Contractors can offer customers more color freedom in repainting vinyl siding with Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Siding Colors. Go to article ›››

Coating solutions… online
Rust-Oleum has simplified the entire coatings selection process with Virtual Solutions, an interactive, easy-to-navigate Web site that provides coating recommendations and specifications. Go to article ›››

Stencils provide crisp marking
Paint mask stencils that provide crisp marking and eliminate lines between letters and numbers are available from J.L. Geisler Corp. Go to article ›››

Say goodBIO to mold and mildew
BioKleen uses the latest enzyme technology to provide a safe, effective industrial-strength solution to mold and mildew removal. In one application, BioKleen cleans, removes stains, abates odors, neutralizes pH, removes mold and mildew at the molecular level and keeps it from coming back for up to one year. Go to article ›››

Speedy paint stripper gets the job done
The new Paint Shaver Pro power paint stripper, from American International Tool Industries Inc., strips lead or regular paint from clapboards, shingles, concrete and fiberglass surfaces at the rate of 1 square foot in 20 seconds and collects the stripped debris into any vacuum. Go to article ›››

Contractor's airless debuts at Lowe's
Campbell Hausfeld's new airless unit, the 1 HP PS271D, offers a high output of .44 gallons per minute at 2,000 psi. Go to article ›››

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