PaintPRO, Vol. 8, No. 5
November 2006
PaintPRO, Vol 8 No 3

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Painter of the Month
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Great Design!
Technology: Metallic Paints
Estimating: Overhead Costs
Business Strategies
Product Profile: Aura Paint
Paint Industry News
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Under pressure
Mi-T-M Corp.'s Job Pro cold water series of pressure washers have been designed for a tight budget or a very competitive bid.  Go to article ›››

Paint with children in mind
YOLO Colorhouse, creators of environmentally responsible interior paint, delivers a new line of custom-designed colors created with young families in mind. Called Little YOLO, the line is formulated zero-VOC, Green Seal certified paint. Go to article ›››

New masking tape
Scapa North America has introduced Polyflex 433, a heavy-duty, UV-stable polyethylene masking tape designed for general-purpose masking and surface protection. Go to article ›››

King Kaulk
Red Devil Inc. introduces King Kaulk Hybrid Polymer, a multipurpose caulk, sealant and adhesive. Go to article ›››

Olympic's inspirational paints
Olympic Paints' Colors of Inspiration is a collection of 1,224 colors available at Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouses. Go to article ›››

Get that "brick" look
BrickBratz is a handheld scribing tool for faux brick, tile and stone systems. Many patterns can be achieved quickly with this product, including Running Brick, Flanders Weave and Diamond patterns. Go to article ›››

SaverSystems DEFY decks
SaverSystems introduces DEFY Deck Stain for Hardwoods, the newest addition to the DEFY brand of products for wood. Go to article ›››

Caulking gun can clamp down too
SQUEEZEit is a new caulking gun and clamp offered by D.A.L.E.S. Corp. in Toledo, Ohio. Go to article ›››

Joining forces
Pantone Inc. has partnered with Fine Paints of Europe, creating a system with the ability to match Pantone colors in paint. Go to article ›››

Masking tape keeps caulk in line
Designed to simplify the caulk application process, Henkel Consumer Adhesives' latest innovation, Polyseamseal Tub & Tile Masking Tape, helps produce even, professional-looking caulk beads without the mess and frustration. Go to article ›››

Press-on corner masking cards
Intertape Polymer Group has introduced an innovative painting aid — press-on corner masking cards. Go to article ›››

Heavy metal
Scuffmaster introduces EnviroMetal Paint, a brushed or rolled interior metallic finish. When applied by roller, EnviroMetal Paint rivals a sprayed metallic wall finish in its appearance. When brushed, however, a whole new design possibility is revealed.
Go to article ›››

Self-righting light
The Wobble Light Jr. is a smaller, portable version of the Wobble Light, a 360-degree, self-righting work light produced by Petersen Brands. Go to article ›››

Glides on smooth
Wooster Brush introduces the Epoxy Glide roller cover, which can evenly apply epoxy coatings, providing better control of film thickness than a squeegee.
Go to article ›››

An easy solution to paint drips
DripCatcher LLC announces the introduction of the DripCatcher dripless bucket, a product that stops drips and returns liquids to the bucket through a patented gutter system. Professional painters can now avoid the mess, damage, cost, and waste caused by dripping paint buckets and cans. Go to article ›››

Natural faux wallcoverings
Roos International introduces Verastone, hand-painted faux finished wallcoverings that is a mix of many designs and crafts that can be applied in various ways. Each wallcovering was inspired by nature and then hand-painted or sculpted to appear to emulate a stone surface. Go to article ›››

Take it for a spin
The Jumbo-Koter Flip Frame from Wooster makes it easy to paint or stain cabinets, railings, decks, pipes, or any other dimensional object. Go to article ›››

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