PaintPRO, Vol. 9, No. 1
January/February 2007
PaintPRO, Vol 9 No 1

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PaintPRO Archives — The Finishing Touch
Michael Rogers, wallcoverings
Michael Rogers, wallcoverings

Decorative Finishes, Wallcoverings

As a nationally acclaimed faux finisher, Michael Rogers of Salem, Ore., has created decorative finishes for Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams and other names in the entertainment industry. But some of his newer masterpieces are wallcoverings, like the ones used to beautify this master bedroom in a house in Pacific Palisides, Calif.

Talk about custom color-matching: The homeowners wanted Rogers to color their room the shades found on rocks in a photograph of the side of a hill. To achieve that look, Rogers hand-painted 2-foot-by-2-foot squares of custom-milled craft paper using browns with red undertones. He used more than 750 squares to paper the room, including strips that were double-cut and hung in long pieces to look like a solid piece over the curves in the ceiling.

Rogers has developed a whole line of hand-painted wallcoverings, with six basic design concepts — including leathers, metallic alloys and stone — and a palette of more than 60 colorways and versatile patterns. Each project is designed and crafted in the studio. As an experienced paint artisan, Rogers is particularly aware of the advantages his wallcoverings have over faux finishes. The results are more predictable, for one. And it’s a lot easier to find on-site labor to hang paper than it is to find good on-site specialty painters. The wallcoverings can even be used to color kitchen countertops if coated with a good sealer.

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