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PaintPRO - Vol 9 No 1


Vol. 9 No. 1
January/February 2007
Issue No. 40

Cover: L.C. Jergens Painting Co. in Seattle, Wash. specializes in commercial jobs and high-end homes, like the one seen here. Read more about this family-owned business that has brought quality work to the Seattle area for generations.


Painter of the Month
Mattingly Custom Finishes, LaGrange, Ill.
Tim Jergens of L.C. Jergens Painting Co. in Seattle, Wash., helping a customer

Painter of the Month: L.C. Jergens Painting Co. in Seattle, Wash.
From generation to generation, the Jergens have provided quality work for customers in the Pacific Northwest.
by Stacey Enesey Klemenc

Venetian Plasters
This European-born plaster has managed to stay in the limelight throughout the years.
by Doyle L. Self II

Low-VOC Paints
With stricter volatile organic compound restrictions on the horizon, it’s a good thing low-VOC products are becoming easier to work with.
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Glossy Ceilings
Creating a shiny, reflecting ceiling is a breeze — as long as the drywall is smooth.
by Liz Trauring


Technique: Touching Up Walls
What to do if your project needs a little touch-up — after the paint dries.
by Ron Franklin

Estimating Etc.
The pitfalls of unit pricing.
by Len Hijuelos

Business Strategies:
Learn more about low-VOC regulations.
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Product Profile: Sophisticated Finishes from Triangle Coatings Inc.

Tooling: Brushes
Finishing Touch: Custom Wallpaper
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