PaintPRO, Vol. 9, No. 1
January/February 2007
PaintPRO, Vol 9 No 1

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PaintPRO Archives — Tooling


SilverTip brushes
The new Silver Tip brushes from Wooster Brush Co. are made with chemically tipped (CT) polyester filaments. The thin, soft, flexible ends make them exceptional at leveling and smoothing, so brush marks are virtually eliminated.  Go to article ›››

New Pro-Extra brush models
Designed to specifically meet the needs of professional painters, Purdy’s Pro-Extra Series has expanded to include three new paintbrush models. Pro-Extra models feature extra-thick, extra-long filaments, for a brush that holds a lot of paint and lasts longer.  Go to article ›››

Generation X and Y brushes
Generation X and Y Brushes from Elder & Jenks hold a lot of paint and easily apply it to the surface. They’ve been especially formulated for today’s premium-grade waterborne and ceramic paints.  Go to article ›››

PX angle-sash rattail brushes
Angle-sash rattail brushes are the newest entries in the PX Series of Professional Paint Brushes from Great American Marketing Inc.  Go to article ›››

Z-PRO Radiator Brushes
Z-PRO Radiator Brushes are named for their original use: painting behind radiators.
 Go to article ›››

Mr. Longarm
Mr. LongArm has introduced Lazy Joe brush and roller wrappers. The wrappers help keep paint tools fresh during interruptions in the painting process, sealing them away until the job can be resumed.  Go to article ›››

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