PaintPRO, Vol. 9, No. 1
January/February 2007
PaintPRO, Vol 9 No 1

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Roos EnVision Contract Wallcovering



Roos EnVision Contract Wallcovering

VOC-friendly wallpaper. Inspired by the need for a new generation of traditional, nonvinyl wallcovering, Roos International Ltd. is offering the EnVision Contract Wallcovering Collection, a environmentally friendly option from NaturDecor & Supply.

The natural fibrous polyester cellulose substrate combines aesthetics, performance and “green” attributes for applications that include government, education and health care facilities. EnVision is PVC-free, does not offgas, does not contain VOCs, is printed with water-based inks, and contains both recycled and rapidly renewable content. It is also priced affordably, is easy to install and remove, and is dimensionally stable and highly breathable.

EnVision is available in variations that meet Type I and Type II classification requirements. Type I comes in Metallic Glaze, Metallic Travertine and Deco Fleur. Type II includes 12 different designs in six color groups: Botanical, Crinkled Paper, Striped Harmony, Damask, Chelsea, Chelsea Companion, Stripe, Swirl, Rice Paper, Crushed Fibers, Micro Fibers and Faux Suede.
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