PaintPRO, Vol. 9, No. 1
January/February 2007
PaintPRO, Vol 9 No 1

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PaintEater Paint Removal Tool




Wagner Spray Tech
PaintEater Paint Removal Tool

Power tool allows paint removal in one step. The new PaintEater paint removal tool offers one-step surface preparation. The handheld system is a collaboration between Wagner Spray Tech Inc. and 3M. Wagner makes the machine, which 3M supplies spun-fiber PaintEater discs.

The power tool is engineered for optimum rotary speed to balance performance and control. The flex disc system allows the disc to conform to the surface for optimal results around flat trim and siding. It can be operated on its edge to remove stubborn paint chips, or operated flat to smooth or feather paint edges. The disc’s open-web design keeps paint and dust build-up to a minimum and allows the disc to glide over surface imperfections, including nail heads or sharp edges, without damage. The power tool is lightweight, easy to clean and durable. Its ergonomic soft-grip design and retractable handle allow two-hand and one hand operating positions. A shroud protects hands from rotating disk, while an arbor lock lets the user change disks without using other tools. The PaintEater can be used on wood, masonry, concrete block and steel.

PaintEater Paint Removal Tool PaintEater Paint Removal Tool

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