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July 2001
Vol. 3 No. 4
Issue No. 10






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Up Against the Wall!
How to choose a quality product in the wide world of wallpaper

Knowing how to distinguish between varying levels of quality in wallcoverings can simplify the decision making process and add significantly to your reputation.
by Stacy Enesey Klemenc

Profile on Design: Hot Metal
Dazzle decriminating customers when you can offer them metallics. It's "in," it's "cool," and it's "hot."
by Susan M. Brimo-Cox

An Off-the-Wall Success Story
Effective surface preparations, appropriate products prevent wallcovering removal from becoming a sticky situation.
by Jeff Woodard

Who Needs Paint?
Colored plasters are getting easier. Examine new trowelable wall finishes for yourself and discover how easy they are to use, and the beautiful finishes they offer.
by Gail Elber

Estimating for the Painting Contractor
Article four of seven: Making a Take-Off

Remember, estimating is not just numbers, it's money.
by Len Hijuelos

DEPARTMENTS Painter of the Month: Hennig Mural Design, Rod and Donna Hennig, Seattle, Washington
Using murals to soften the effects of urban sprawl.
by Robert Simpson

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