PaintPRO Vol 3 No 4

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Metallic Paints
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Contractor Profile: Hennig Mural Design
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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

PRO-EXTRA, Versatile, “Perfect” brush from Purdy, is expanded
After three years of testing and product modification, Purdy proudly introduced Pro-Extra, their new line of synthetic filament brushes late last year. Recently, Purdy has expanded the Pro-Extra series to eleven brushes, including sizes from 2" to 4" with several styles and different handles to fit any painting need. Go to article ›››

No tool serves you better!
Airless/HVLP 10-N-1, this patented hand tool is simply a “contractor” version of the very popular 5-N-1. With three added Airless/HVLP accessory and hose compatible wrenches (1", 3⁄4", 11⁄16") this may be the painters most valuable “pocket tool.” From adding a section of airless hose to unscrewing a heater vent this tool is always on your side. Go to article ›››

It was a bug’s life
If you’re building, remodeling or just spiffing up a house where insects are a problem, this product can be a lifesaver for human types and a dead ringer for the bugs. Go to article ›››

Rack ‘em up
When spraying a houseful of doors, more time and effort are spent propping, supporting, positioning and handling doors than the actual painting itself. Shuffling the wet doors around is awkward and storing them out of harm’s way is even worse. The inevitable result is more time for touch up, a less than perfect coating or, if knocked over while propped up to dry, damage to the door or wall. Go to article ›››

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