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Company Profile

Faux Finish Institute
14851 West Highway 6
Gretna, NE 68028
Tel: 800-930-3289
Fax: 800-621-3289

Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking of how you could set yourself apart in the decorative painting industry by producing the incredible faux painting techniques you thought only the masters could achieve? Or how you could transform your existing faux painting talents into a truly profitable business venture?

The Faux Finish Institute by Kelly S. King™ offers intense two, three, five, and six day core faux painting classes and specialty faux painting classes through our nationally-recognized faux painting schools. Our hands-on Designer Walls faux finish curriculum delves deep into the art of faux finish techniques, faux painting application methods and styles, and decorative painting trade secrets and private recipes.

The Faux Finish Institute™ class curriculum takes all of the guess work out of the old traditional faux painting methods and introduces more effective theories of application, quicker faux finish techniques, and water-based, user friendly, state of the art products with faux painting classes that will allow you to accomplish in hours decorative finishes that would normally take several days to render.

Our Designer Wall Finishes I™ curriculum also includes very precise and in-depth training for running a profitable faux painting business; marketing and selling, estimating, billing rates, square footage charges, overhead, budgets, contract agreements, and much more. All of this while achieving the ultimate artistic self gratification within you, expressed through decorative painting.

The Faux Finish Institute™ offers multiple convenient locations; Seattle, Washington, and Omaha, Nebraska. Our schools attract faux finishing professionals, painting contractors, decorative painting specialists, artists, designers, architects, as well as beginners and hobbyists who want to start or further their education in the faux and decorative finish trade.

Kelly S. King (owner), Liz Twedt, and Rhonda Canales are the institute's head faux painting instructors. They have completed millions of dollars of faux and decorative finish projects throughout the world during their careers, and lend many years of experience to students trained in The Faux Finish Institute™'s classes. They have mastered hundreds of traditional, old world, and contemporary faux and decorative finishes, and through this mastery, have compiled the largest sample portfolio available through our various class curriculums taught only at The Faux Finish Institute™.

Separate yourself from the competition and inspire your clientele with finishes that are rich and elegant with depth and realism. Change your faux painting style from flat and simple representation to elaborate faux finish designs with details that deceive the viewer, giving an illusionary appearance of reality.

If you want to learn only the finest faux finishes… if you want to be successful in the field of faux painting… if you want your investment in a decorative painting school to be worthwhile… look no further than The Faux Finish Institute… where your success is our ultimate goal.

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