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PaintPRO Archives — Industry News

Barth’s Faux Finishing expands products and teaching capabilities
Las Vegas, Nevada — International faux master and artisan Barth White, president of Barth’s Faux Finishing, has returned from searching the four corners of the Earth for new products and the finest materials. Barth’s will now offer materials from many other companies as well as new products under the company’s own name.

All students who take Barth’s Faux Finishing classes will learn techniques from various world masters. Products will come from some of the finest old-world companies, many of which have roots going back to the earliest master finishers and plasterers. Classes are geared to expand the students’ horizons in frescos, wood graining, trompe l’oeil, patinas, Venetian plasters, gold leafing (gilding) and all types of textures and glazes.

For more information, visit Barth's Faux Finishing Web site or call 1-800-998-3289. Better yet, visit the studio at 3520 Coleman St. in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

NASODA offers expanded course in decorative painting
NASODA will offer a 10-week course in 2003 for those wanting to reap the rewards of serious study. Classes will be held one week per month from February to November.

The course will cover surface preparation and base coat painting and provide product information on latex, waterborne acrylics, alkyd paints, lacquer and varnish. Classical wall glazing and patinas, marking, ornamentation and trompe l’oeil techniques will be rendered on large 4' x 8' panels to help simulate a live application experience.

Marble and stone techniques may include blanc veinee, vert de mer, portor, yellow sienna, grand antique, petite antique, onyx, fleur de pescher, breche violette, Swedish green, sandstone, lapis lazuli and malachite.

Woodgraining may include oak heartgrain and quarter-sawn, mahogany, birch, birdseye maple, walnut, and palisander.

Exotic finishes include tortoise shell, leopard and snakeskin.

Students will learn practical application of color theory; perspective drawing; and the study of skies, clouds and atmosphere as we begin to turn newly acquired skills into 4' x 8' murals for professional presentation.

Classes will also include age-old techniques of water gilding rarely taught today, including 23K gold leaf, pastiglia, sgraffito, punching, mordant gilding, and chemical patination of metal leaf.

Business practices will also be discussed, including consultation, developing a design, custom sampling, proposals, client relationships, referrals, subcontracting, networking and working with interior designers.

Instructors include Michele Santilli, NASODA’S director; Benny Carlsson (Norway); Mats Carlsson (Sweden); Charles O’Connor (USA); Lotta Olsson (Sweden); and Nancy Thorn (USA).

Students who successfully complete this course will receive NASODA’S Certificate of Initial Mastery. Certificates of Advanced Mastery may be obtained by participating in a performance-based week that involves rendering a broad range of painted finishes. An international jury of master painters will assess painted works and award certificates to those who meet the criteria for excellence. Advanced Mastery Certification will be offered one week per year.

Hoosier Duo Supports Community
Dayton, Ohio — Rex and Cynthia Lanning, members of the Miami Valley Chapter of NGPP (Dayton, Ohio area), recently completed a large charity project at the YWCA in Richmond, Indiana. The Lannings, owners of Lanning Painting & Wallcovering Installation, donated their labor to paint and wallpaper their community’s new domestic violence center. Generous donations from the Wm. Zinsser Company and Imperial Home Decor Group, both national associate members of the NGPP, were very welcome. In addition, MAB Paint Store supplied the paint at a substantial discount.

The building, donated by the State of Indiana, was a neglected commercial building. It was renovated using a government grant, private donations, fundraisers and a loan.

The Guild thanks Rex and Cynthia — who both work as nurses on the weekends — for their community spirit.

For more information about wallcovering installation or the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, write the NGPP office at 136 S. Keowee Street, Dayton, OH 45402, or call 937-222-NGPP. You can also e-mail the Guild or visit the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers Web Site.

Travel the World with Artistic Adventures
Artistic Adventures is a school for decorative painters that moves around the world each year to interesting places and homes. Stonebrooke Georgia is the future training location for 2003. This stately home will open its doors to Susan and her apprentices. The estate will become a canvas upon which each student will work, developing their skills.

This year the project will encompass a vast array of many different craftsmen teachers and their artistry. From the exterior grounds to the interior surfaces, we will unite our efforts to develop a mastery of design. The hands-on, apprenticeship based education gives the student a unique opportunity to learn. They leave the school having gained experience and confidence by developing specialized skills on location for a client project. For more information on attending this unique training event please contact Artistic Adventures, P.O. Box 871026, Stone Mountain, GA 30087-9998. Or e-mail Susan Goans-Driggers. or visit the Design Faux Web site.


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