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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Shades of white
Dunn-Edwards Paints offers 137 shades of white paint. To help customers choose between them, the company has created a program called "The Many Shades of White." Shades are categorized into warm whites, neutral whites and cool whites. In-store displays, brochures, and color cards with peel-off chips make it easy for contractors to help their clients see the nuances in the whites and select the right one to match their decor. For more information, visit the Dunne-Edwards Paints Web site.

3MMasking Tape
3M has introduced Scotch Blue Safe-Release painters' masking tape for faux and decorative painting. It is specially designed for safe use on delicate surfaces such as glass, freshly painted walls and vinyl-coated wall coverings. It is ideal when a low profile, conformable tape is needed on a smooth surface to produce intricate patterns, fine paint lines and clean edges.

The tape removes cleanly, reducing surface damage and rework. It has low-to-medium adhesion and can remain on a surface for up to 60 days without leaving adhesive residue behind. A second coat can be applied days or even weeks after the first one without fear of damaging the surface when it is time to remove the tape.

The tape is available at home improvement stores, discount retailers and hardware stores with an average retail price of $5.99 for a 1-inch-wide roll. Other widths are also available. For more information, visit the 3M Web site.

Bull DogHand Truck Converts to Scaffold
Bull Dog Power Products offers Tool Wheeler, a hand truck that converts to a stable, four-foot-high, 500-pound rated scaffold for working high walls and ceilings. It can also be turned into to a work cart by pairing the step platforms together on the lower crossbar. Pails, buckets, tools and other supplies are carried on the lower shelf while stock such as 2x4s, studs or metal framing is supported by the upper crossbars.

Tool Wheeler is made by Bull Dog Power Products, a division of Warner Manufacturing. Bull Dog Power Products, 877-WARNER-1. For more information, visit the Bull Dog Power Products Web site.

Paint Sprayers
SprayTECH, Inc. has added three new pumps to its paint sprayer line. The company describes them as top quality and affordably priced for both residential and commercial jobs. They feature new motor technology, electronic pressure control, a priming system that eliminates dry cycling during priming, spring-loaded stationary packing, and an easily removable inlet valve. For more information or to schedule a factory representative demonstration, call (800) 292-4637.

Hyde TableProfessional Wallpaper Table
Hyde Manufacturing Co. has introduced the Professional Wallpaper Table. The 21-pound table, which folds in half, is constructed with an aluminum frame, steel legs, and zinc plated hardware. It features a carrying handle and hooks for a straight edge and is strong enough to support pasting machines.

Bleaching Oil for Shingles
Cabot Bleaching Oil takes only a few months to give cedar shingles a silvery-gray patina and assures uniform coloration while protecting the wood. If even a few months' wait is too long, the company suggests mixing Bleaching Oil half and half with another Cabot product, Weathering Stain in Silver Gray. It will give you that "weathered shingle" look nearly overnight. Cabot Bleaching Oil is a 100-year-old product that the company says has long been the secret to the much-loved appearance of countless American seaside cottages. For more information, call (800) US-Stain or visit the Cabot Stain Web site.

Modern MastersMetallic Paint
Modern Masters has added ten precious metal colors -- Tequila Gold, Pharaoh's Gold, Copper Penny, Platinum, Ivy, Sapphire, Flash Copper, Flash Blue, Gold Rush and Olympic Gold -- to its Metallic Paint Collection. The collection now features 40 hues. Unlike many metallic paints, the water-base paints in the Metallic Paint Collection are non-tarnishing and non-toxic, eliminating the headaches associated with working with toxic coatings. Available in six-ounce, quart and gallon sizes, the paints are easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. Their water-base formula makes them easy to clean up using mild soap and water. For more information, contact Modern Masters at (800) 924-3166.


Exterior Deck Stain
Wolmam Wood Care Products introduces DuraStain, a new exterior deck stain that offers durability, color longevity and maximum protection against all weather and climate conditions. Featuring a unique alkyd/acrylic formula that penetrates like oil and protects like acrylic, Wolman DuraStain is guaranteed to repel water, resist cracking and peeling, and maintain the beauty of the wood for a minimum of two years after application. Flexible and forgiving, Wolman DuraStain offers superior adhesion to problematic or previously coated surfaces. Its mildew-resistant coating film is traffic-tough and scuff resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic surfaces.

The stain is available in 22 fade-resistant colors. Its alkyd/ acrylic formula is water-base, making clean up easy with soap and water. For more information, call (800) 556-7737 or visit the Wolmam Wood Care Products Web site.

Wallpaper Prep and Adhesive
Zinsser offers PREPZ One-Step Border & Wallpaper Prep & Adhesive, a new product that combines sizing with an adhesive activator. Specifically formulated to work over both painted walls and vinyl wallpaper, PREPZ eliminates the need for sizing, special adhesives and messy water trays. Just roll it on the back of pre-pasted borders and wallpaper for faster, easier hanging.

The product is available in a convenient patented applicator for borders and in quarts and gallons. For more information on PREPZ and other wallpaper products, call Zinsser at 732-469-8100 or, visit the Zinsser Web site.


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