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PaintPRO Archives — ProPrep
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Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment
Above: 3M
Below: Masking Products Inc. - 800.295.5305
Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment

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Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment

Few spraying tools are more valuable than those that can extend your reach. The more work you can perform with your feet on the ground the safer you are — and that generally means more productivity and profit.

Masking Tools
The right masking machines can deduct valuable time from your prep work. Buying cheap maskers may save you a few dollars at the counter, but they will eat you alive time-wise on the job site. The maskers like those from 3M and Masking Products are PaintPRO’s top picks.

Power Tools
Power tools are man’s (and sometimes woman’s) best friend. And the word “cordless” makes them even better. At all times, painters should be within easy reach of a cordless screwdriver to use for chores like removing and replacing cover plates on light switches and receptacles. DeWalt has just come out with a cordless screw driver that also includes an impact driver. Our evaluation of the impact driver found that it is exceptional for use on hard-to-remove/hard-to-set wood and metal screws.

Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment
Above: Paul N. Gardner, Co. - 954.946.9454
Below: Elcometer - 800.521.0635
Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment

Mill Thickness Tester
After discussing mill thickness in a recent issue of PaintPRO, it dawned on me how essential it is to have a wet film thickness tester on hand at all times. Whether the tester is attached to a key chain or kept in your shirt pocket, you can use it to keep your work in check at all times. It seems reasonable to suggest that a film thickness tester not only guarantees accuracy with every coating application, but also helps eliminate unnecessary or excess material usage.

I am the first to agree that brushes are an individual affair, with everyone having their favorites. However, Sherwin-Williams just introduced a production-oriented paint brush that has the ability to pick up more paint quicker and release it onto the surface equally fast. The notable difference in filament design gives more space between the filaments for paint to be held. Check these brushes out ….

Extension poles
A long time favorite of many pros in the painting business has been the Wooster Pole. The hexagonal shape of the inner pole and its quick length-adjustment tab makes this pole a powerful choice for contractors. Wooster’s new quick-connect for attachment to their roller frames makes this tool an even better choice.

Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment
Wooster Brush Co. - 800.392.7246

Sherwin-Williams recently introduced its Frame Lock Extension Pole, which also has a hexagonal inner pole and gives production-minded painters another excellent choice for rolling applications. The twist-on/ pull-and-twist-release roller frame makes this another solid choice for contractors and their employees.

In line with these excellent extension poles and sturdy roller frames is the Franklin Bender. If there was ever a tool that gave painters the greatest flexibility in rolling applications, this is it. The Franklin Bender allows painters very fast adjustment to the angle of 3", 7", or 9" roller frames, and the locking collar gives you the ease of twisting the roller frame on the pole from left to right. It’s kind of like the compound miter saw of rolling systems. The Franklin Tool Co. also manufactures roller frames with a shorter handle. This gives you more control of the roller when rolling at various angles and actually looks more professional too.

Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment
Above: Franklin Tool Co. - 800.238.8404

There are two electric sanders that I believe finish painters should have on hand at all times: an orbital palm sander and “1⁄2 sheet” sander. In line with many other smart tools from Hitachi, these sanders provide smooth and comfortable operation.

Another great tool from Hitachi is the combination cordless drill and power hand-saw. As mentioned in a previous issue of PaintPRO, this combination provides painters with a powerful cordless drill and the added value of a cordless handsaw for various jobsite repairs.

What’s in your toolbox?
Lack of communication can impede the progress and professionalism of any trade. The way we each become more skilled or smarter about getting the job done faster and with better quality is through the exchange of ideas, otherwise known as “shop talk.”

If you have tools that make your work more productive, share them with us. We’ll likely publish them in an upcoming issue of PaintPRO magazine.

Happy painting. We look forward to hearing from you.


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