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Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment
Paint Smart - 800.304.4964



Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment

Few spraying tools are more valuable than those that can extend your reach. The more work you can perform with your feet on the ground the safer you are — and that generally means more productivity and profit.

Constantly improving productivity is the most important aspect of a successful business. It requires that you train your mind to be thinking all the time about better and faster ways of doing things. Whether you are involved in decorative faux finishing and/or production painting, which is our focus here, reducing the amount of time spent on each part of the job is often best achieved through the use of tools. At PaintPRO we have evaluated the following tools and find them to be of exceptional value to production-minded painters.

Painting Tools, Spraying EquipmentASM - above and below - 3' to 5' whips and extension pole - 800-854-4025

Spraying Equipment
Few spraying tools are more valuable than those that can extend your reach. The more work you can perform with your feet on the ground the safer you are — and that generally means more productivity and profit.

Painting Tools, Spraying EquipmentExtension spray poles, like those from Paint Smart and ASM, are tools every painter should be using. Regardless of what some may suggest, it’s a fact that a painter who can spray the eaves around a house from the ground will outperform one who needs to use a ladder. And it’s not just overhead work that makes these tools necessary — they also extend your reach downward. This reduces your need for continuous bending.

Place a 3-5 foot whip, available from ASM, between your gun and the airless hose and you’ve added more flexibility to your spraying applications than ever before. Not having to fight a stiff hose when it’s fully pressurized makes constantly moving and changing angles a much easier task. The added flexibility also provides improved accuracy with airless spraying applications.

It was more than ten years ago that a friend said to me, “It sure would be nice if we could adjust the airless pressure from up here on the roof.” Well, Titan did it. They’ve added a remote control to their airless sprayers. They even included an On/Off switch. The new i-remote saves labor and provides control of the pressure on a multitude of surfaces. Imagine how it could save you valuable time in the event of a ruptured airless line.

Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment
Above: Spray Ranger - 800.995.3857
Below: Quik Truss - 800.250.3667
Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment

Conversion HVLP sprayers provide some cool advantages. By attaching a couple of quick-connect couplings and a 50-foot air hose, the pressurized material container can be removed from the cart and taken into rooms being painted, which keeps the compressor free from any overspray. These adjustments make its use on scaffolding much easier too.

The Spray Ranger, another production-oriented tool, beats out regular hand-pump sprayers by offering mobility, reach, and hands-free mixing of cleaning agents. The Spray Ranger maintains constant pressure through its connection to a water hose, and of course you don’t need to lug the contents of a pump sprayer with you everywhere you walk.

The new “Spider” from Quick Truss Inc. gives painters the ability to draw material from three five’s simultaneously. This tool helps reduce the amount of attention a painter must give to the airless sprayer during operation. Worrying less about the amount of material that’s left in the bucket means fewer trips to the pump and more attention on getting the job done.

Painting Tools, Spraying Equipment

Also new from Quick Truss Inc. is the 10-in-1 Handtool for spraying operations. Aside from all the uses painters find for a putty knife, the 10-in-1 includes 1", 3⁄4", and 11⁄16" wrenches, nail set, bucket opener, scraper, roller cleaner, and a Phillips-head screw driver. It’s sturdily constructed and comfortable to handle.



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